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What is it like to be a lesbian in India?

To be a lesbian in India …

I am a 23 year old regular college going girl. I am still not sure about my sexuality because I get attracted to both the genders but I find sexual urge more toward the opposite gender and not toward the same gender as much. I think it’s only lust because genuinely I have always felt love for same gender. I define love as a true feeling of care and affection toward a person.

Its really tough to live a life like this. I often think that I am not going to marry anyone because I can not openly accept the ones I actually love and I don’t find any joy in being with a guy.

The frustration is too high as you can’t be yourself you have to pretend to be straight which you are actually not. I hate it . You don’t know if you can share this secret with anyone or not, as people are not open minded.

I have never shared this secret with anyone, not even with my parents or friends, but I can tell you from my life experiences that there are many girls who got attracted to me and I knew they were pretending to be straight . There must have been 15–20 girls who have showed me feelings (till now). But they pretend as if they are completely straight .

I think homosexuals and bisexuals are not uncommon but they are only hiding. If we all plan to come out then I can guarantee you that proportions of LGBT and straight people will not differ as many assume. There are many who live a very pretentious life.

A message to everyone : being a bisexual or a homosexual is not a choice, its as natural as breathing. STOP THINKING THAT IT IS A DISEASE ! I just hope India becomes a place where people start to accept other sexualities as well.

P.S : for general knowledge sake: homosexuality was first found in India. Google its history!

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