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How many Indian Muslims on here would vote for Narendra Modi? Why or why not? Is your decision influenced on account of Godhra train massacre and Mohammedan-Hind’u riots? What would make you vote for him, if anything?

Anti-NaMo people are trying to cover the fact that NaMo has been praised even by many leading countries for his unique outstanding achievements and for bringing prosperity in Gujarat and has been considered only potential and incorruptible leader worth for PM position in India. If there are certain minor flaws left in his governance then i would like to say that no leader in this country has come up shinning so far as NaMo and last but not the least that He Is Not God But Human Being who couldn’t put a spell of magic and wipe off all the problems in just a snap.

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So, Anti-NaMo people should better learn to praise the outstanding performance and achievements of a person instead of synchronizing their mind in the past useless stupid crappy incidents. NaMo publicly announced that He is ready to be hanged publicly if the charges against him are proved and He is the first politician in our nation who himself was present in SIT questioning session and he personally asked SIT to attest his Statements for future incase there is any manipulation in NaMo’s verbal stand. I don’t think any leader would do more than this to prove his stance. Even Congress also brought some fake or paid witnesses to sack NaMo like Teesta but failed to do anything coz his stance was not at all wrong. And we all know the current disclosure of Teesta’s fake double sided face. If there was even a minute evidence against NaMo available, Do u think Congress leaders would have spared him from hanging? LOL.

Congress did all the efforts to bring him down, they even tried to implicate NaMo through unfair means as well but failed badly and Teest Seetalvad is a biggest example of that. Incase of Congress who have been protecting their communal face under the garb by continuous efforts to protect 1984 Sikh’s riot culprits and Pre-Modi reign’s riots culprits in Gujarat. One should not forget that How frequent were the communal riots occurrence in Gujarat during Pre-Modi’s regime. Communal riots were frequently used to take place in Gujarat prior to NaMo’s government. If you don’t know that i can provide one with the official figures.

If one denies to believe the credibility of judiciary system of our country then i would say that we should peer our own cuffs before stereotyping the credibility of the Judicial system of our country. The fact is those who deny the fact of Gujarat’s rapid development, they don’t have to do anything with the Progress of the country but their sole purpose is to take revenge for the godhra riots for that they wish to have one from their own community who could do that for them.

The fact is that they don’t believe in Judiciary system and they stereotype those Legal Bodies as “not credible” because they have shaped their mindset in such manner that for them these all Judicial Bodies only deliver the decisions against their community and they don’t believe the one who is not of their community. Their intentions are not transparent however precisely, their intentions are transparently opaque. And to fulfill their intentions  they would not stop themselves to choose Corrupt recorded Congress leaders incase they had have to choose b/w “communal rights” and “progress of our country”.

Because their only motive is Revenge and not progress. That’s the reason they try to cover all the facts which are in favour of NaMo and mock his achievements. For their information, Minorities( not my term but the term chosen by their community to be tagged with just for the sake of enjoying cheap enticements by the corrupt congress leaders) in Gujarat state are far much prosperous than any other part of the country. So, these people need to do some deep research before they stereotype some one unnecessarily.

Okay, at once i reject their statement against NaMo’s achievements and consider it optimistically but does that prove anything? No.

I understand The wounds of that incident can’t be healed rather we could look for better future and we all know that after 2002 the peace and communal harmony has been established in Gujarat undisturbingly since then. I would like to consider their anti-NaMo statements with optimism to favor the point that The time is the best wound healer. So praise his leadership, administrative capabilities, splendid visionary perspectives which could better be utilized in future for making better India and in making better next generation. I think he stands at far much better place than the congress leaders who play communal politics for the sake of feeding their wretched desires and ill intentions which we can easily witness by their deeds in the past and nowadays. And Anti-Modi people should know that Communal harmony has been established ever since 2002 riots took place in Gujarat. They also should know that Riots were quite frequently used to occur in Gujarat in the gap of every 2 or 3 years during congress time.[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Start Writing” ]

Why do Anti-Modi activists deny to believe, that the condition of Muslims, christians and other small religious people has been improved than before and have been given equal opportunities in all the sectors without any discrimination since 2002. The rivers of Gujarat have been maintained not for the sake of providing pure water to Hindu people only. He got it cleansed and purified for the sake of the survival of humanity irrespective of any religion. On the contrary, if you see Delhi’s Yamuna where God Like Congress rules one can easily realise that Yamuna is in that pathetic state, just to perish the humanity to death irrespective of Hindu, Muslim or anyone. LOL. Just focus on NaMo’s humanitarian pursuits which have been taken to make the life of human beings better regardless of religion or caste. He did not take initiative of providing 24*7 electricity just only to prosper Hindus! 24*7 electricity is available all over the Gujarat irrespective of Communal status issues and on rural status or city status issues. He established Fast track courts not to get justice to Hindus only but considering the Human Rights seriously irrespective of any religion or caste.
At once i’d like to agree that NaMo is communal but Is it okay to say that only NaMo is communal and no leader except NaMo is communal in India? No. All the leaders including us are communal in some way or another. Doesn’t everone think so? Choice is yours which is very simple and that is:- NaMo is communal with good track record and congress leaders are communal with heavy corrupt record. Who you would like to choose?

No one is perfect in this world. But it’s “the good actions performed which subdue the bad actions” make the intelligent or wise criteria or basis to judge the leader.

P.S.- Remember We all are on the earth to lead better Life in Present and the Future. So we should better learn to appreciate the good deeds instead of synchronizing our mind in the past unproven and insensible incidents. Thus we should learn to appreciate the Good work which is worth to be commendable instead of pointing out flaws in it.

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