Will you ever vote for Rahul Gandhi for Prime Minister?

For a complex and large nation, a visionary and dynamic and tireless prime minister is required. If we remember that the Congress party in 2014 got in all states put together as many MPs as AIADMK got in only Tamil Nadu, we know the writing on the wall: Congress, as it is constituted today, is politically finished.

Again, if we remember how Mrs Indira Gandhi badly lost in 1977 but triumphantly returned in 1980 and how Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 scored over two thirds majority but lost in 1989, we shall realise that miraculously Congress could return to power in 2019!

Assuming such a miracle, even with Sonia’s motherly love, is Rahul Gandhi the right choice for the party’s parliamentary leadership? His devoted assistants like Jairam Ramesh, who write his political speeches, think yes. That’s all. Has Rahul the stamina to work for 15 hours a day? A resounding No. He needs vacation abroad frequently. Has Rahul Gandhi the knowledge of the Nation? No. Has Rahul a vision for the development of our country? No. Does he have the diplomacy to keep the party MPs together? No. Finally, having been the MP of Amethi, what are his contributions to its development?

It may be seen that he is not the right choice not only for being our PM, but, sadly, not even the right choice to be the Chief Minister of Delhi☺ Will I vote for this great leader? Never.

Is Mr. Awdhesh Singh a great follower of BJP or big fan of our honourable PM Modi?

How many Indian Muslims on here would vote for Narendra Modi? Why or why not? Is your decision influenced on account of Godhra train massacre and Mohammedan-Hind’u riots? What would make you vote for him, if anything?