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Should I vote for Modi?

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing at the launch of a new mobile app 'BHIM' to encourage e-transactions during the ''Digital Mela'' at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla (PTI12_30_2016_000126A)

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I and many other muslim’s like me are Indian Tax payers. The previous governments have seemed very very slow in utilizing these taxes to develop our nation. Well, if only certain religions would have been uplifted/benefited from government schemes, I would definately be agitated. But the facts stands that corruption, vote bank politics and family hierarchy politics has not only stalled the growth of muslims but other citizens of the country as well. Being a middle class muslim I don t think other religious middle class people are any happier than I am.

Modi has great initiatives going on such as Make in India, Digital India, Start up India, Swacch Bharat etc etc. As a muslim will I or the uneducated people in my community be a part of all this or benefit from this?? All I think is YES!! I and many muslims like me are capable of contributing in various sectors of all these initiatives and no one will stop us because Religion is not a criteria in this development agenda. So what is in store for us? Jobs, financial stability better outlook towards education a better place/cities to live in etc etc. it is same as what any Indian citizen will get from these initiatives. My tax money is finally being used for the good. Muslims who criticize are just probably not educated or want sympathy for some reason.

Now ask me if I want a muslim Prime Minister? Will i cheer up? Hell Yeah……. Which muslim will not want that? Everyone feels proud when someone from their community represents the nation and so will I be proud but not at the cost of development of my country and my fellow citizens. I very well understand that the agenda for development and the course it has taken in the last 2 years is very very positive and as never seen before and as an Indian Muslim i want all this. So YES will Vote for Narendra Modi in favor of national interest, the only condition is that the good work should continue!!

P.S. and NO India has not become intolerant. In the middle class at least the quality of interactions or friendships with non-muslim friends has not changed.

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How many Indian Muslims on here would vote for Narendra Modi? Why or why not? Is your decision influenced on account of Godhra train massacre and Mohammedan-Hind’u riots? What would make you vote for him, if anything?

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