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Will Shivpal become SP Patron after Mulayam Singh’s death?

After the death of Mulayam Singh Yadav, this question is arising in everyone’s mind that after Mulayam Singh Yadav, who will be the patron of SP, will Shivpal Singh Yadav become the patron of SP or will Ram Gopal get Akhilesh’s support? Shivpal Yadav always got the support of Mulayam Singh Yadav even after his separation from Akhilesh in politics, but after the death of Mulayam Singh, whether Shivpal will be able to get that kind of support in the family, it is difficult after looking at present family scenario.

Ramgopal’s side is weakened Because he was never a mass leader, he was always elected to Parliament via rajya sabha and looked after the inner workings of the organization, he was never a vote-gatherer face.

Fare Support is visible for Shivpal in Etawah, Firozabad, Mainpuri area, but where does the consolation support seems to reflect after Netaji’s death with Akhilesh or with Shivpal it will clear in the future. At this time Shivpal Yadav and the whole family are trying to end the mutual discord, it will be interesting to see whether the family will be one or both will become adversaries forever.

Mainpuri election does not appear so easy this time because in Azamgarh and Rampur byelections SP had to face defeat. In Mainpuri Tej Pratap Singh, Shivpal Yadav, Dharmendra and Shivpal’s son Aditya Yadav are also contenders, but Tej Pratap Singh’s claim seems to be the strongest, it is clear from Shivpal’s recent statements. He also wants to return to SP but respectfully.

Shivpal has made it clear, there can be a reconciliation in the family only after getting either Mainpuri seat or the post of SP Patron, But this development is true that the talks within family to end the dispute is in progress.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are personal and not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Youth Darpan or its members.

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