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Is Mr. Awdhesh Singh a great follower of BJP or big fan of our honourable PM Modi?

I believe that as of now there are only two national parties in India, who are likely to form Government in Centre.

  1. Indian National Congress (Congress)
  2. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

Congress is dynastic and its leader and the future Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Rahul Gandhi does not enthuse confidence in me. He is still not mature, though he is almost fifty years of age now. Congress party has also faced numerous cases of corruption whenever they have been in power; during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi, Narsimha Rao and recently under Dr. Manmohan Singh.

As compared to Congress, BJP has always given clean government. The tenure of Shri Atal Bihar Vajpayee Ji was quite good for the country where he started many developmental projects including ‘The Golden Quadrilateral’ highway network, which has transformed the roads of India since then. He had also given a clean government despite leading a coalition Government.

Shri Narendra Modi Ji is also working very hard to move India into the path of development and so far has been able to provide a clean government to the country. I can’t remember any PM of India in last 30 years, who has been as hard working and sincere as him.

I don’t like everything of BJP or its associate parties/associations. For example, I don’t like leaders who talk about Hindu Rashtra or create fear in the mind of minorities. The cow vigilantes are doing more harm than good for the country.

Hence, no party is perfect but you have to choose the one which is better than others.

In this regard, I find BJP and Modi better than Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

It may be true that Shri Narendra Modi may not be able to deliver all his promises, which he made during election. It is easy to criticize him for not fulfilling his promises. However, you have to understand that every politician has to make exceptional promises to people to win election. He is working as hard as possible and trying his best to take the country forward despite so many hurdles in Indian system. His work and achievements have to be seen in the proper perspective. Let me share with you a story of Mahabharatha to illustrate my point.

During Kurukshetra war, when Karna’s arrow used to hit Arjuna’s Chariot, it used to merely shake the chariot a little bit. However, when Arjuna’s arrow used to hit the Karna’s chariot, it used to go behind many yards because of the impact of Arjun’s arrow. Yet Lord Krishna always praised Karna more than Arjuna.

Once Arjuna showed his displeasure to Lord and asked why he praised Karna more than him. Lord Krishna said – ‘In your chariot, Lord Hanuman is sitting on top of your chariot. I, the Lord of Three Worlds’ is sitting with you. Yet Karna could shake your chariot with the power of his arrow. That is why he deserves more praise than you’.

It is not easy to produce results in India with the rotten, inefficient and corrupt government system, whose jobs and service conditions are protected by the Constitution of India.

Once you understand the limitation of a PM, you can very well appreciate the work done by him.

If I find a better leader or a better party, I would not mind changing my preference.

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