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CWC rejects resignation, but Rahul insists on stepping down

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Saturday rejected offer by party President Rahul Gandhi to resign in the wake of the debacle in the Lok Sabha elections but he has been insisting that his resignation is accepted and has not withdrawn his offer to quit.

The CWC called for a thorough introspection, complete overhaul, and detailed restructuring at every level of the party promised to put in force a plan of action at the earliest. Congress sources said that Gandhi has been insisting on stepping down.

A resolution adopted by the CWC said that Gandhi, in his address to the party’s highest decision making body, offered his resignation as party chief but it was rejected unanimously.

“The CWC unanimously and with one voice rejected the same and requested the Congress President for his leadership and guidance in these challenging times. The CWC unanimously called upon the Congress President to lead the party in its ideological battle and to champion the cause of India’s youth, the farmers, the SC/ST/OBCs, the minorities, the poor and the deprived sections,” the resolution said.

It said that the Working Committee accepts the Lok Sabha election verdict and fully recognizes the challenges, the failures and the shortcomings resulting into the mandate.

“The CWC recommends a thorough introspection and requested the Congress President for a complete overhaul and a detailed restructuring at every level of the party. A plan to this effect shall come into force at the earliest.”

Also expressing its gratitude to the 12.13 crore voters who have stood behind the Congress, the resolution said that Congress has lost the election but “our indomitable courage, our fighting spirit and commitment to our ideology remains stronger than ever”.

“We shall continue its fight against forces that thrive on hatred and division.”

Noting that India faces a number of challenges as a new government takes over, the resolution said that the issue of surging oil prices post sanctions against Iran as also price rise stares the country in the face.

“Banking sector is in dire straits with uncontrolled and unchecked NPAs soaring to nearly Rs 12 lakh crores, over last five years, threatening the very stability of banking operations. Serious questions being raised on the financial viability of NBFCs, wherein hard earned savings of the people’s life are invested,” it said.

It said that the “downturn of economy”, coupled with “lack of private investment and a steep fall in consumption patterns, point towards grave economic slowdown”.

“The looming job crisis has seen no solutions, jeopardising the future of the youth. The agrarian crisis continues unabated with large swathes of the country reeling under severe drought particularly Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka,” it said.

The resolution said that institutional integrity, which is the hallmark of country’s constitutional democracy, remains under a cloud.

“Social strife and tensions affect large portions of our populace. The responsibility and accountability to overcome these challenges is of the next government,” it said

The CWC said that Congress would continue to play a constructive role to overcome these serious challenges, as it hoped that the government will address these issues as its top priority.

The working committee also thanked all its allies who joined hands with the Congress party “to fight the ideological battle”.

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