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Empowering Lakhuwas Village: KRMU’s Transformative Gender Literacy Extension Program

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) of K.R. Mangalam University (KRMU) Gurugram on 26 October, 2023  in collaboration with NSS conducted an extension activity titled ‘Gender literacy among rural students at Lakhuwas (Sohna). The Faculty coordinators of the activity were Ms. Gauri Joshi, Assistant Professor SJMC and Ms. Ritika Choudhary, Assistant Professor SJMC, KRMU.

The objective of the activity was to assess the state of Gender literacy among the rural students. The assessment of gender literacy among rural students was carried out using a structured questionnaire, which aimed to gauge their understanding of gender-related concepts and their attitudes towards gender equality, asserted Ms. Gauri Joshi, Assistant Professor SJMC and Ms. Ritika Choudhary. 

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Meanwhile, students of SJMC educate them with regard to gender equality and what are the challenges they face incase of discrimination. They have filled the form regarding how gender literacy is affecting the youth and what are the general differences they are facing on gender issues in their families. Fifty percent of students responded that they are familiar with the term gender and Fifty percent of them said that they are not aware about the concept of third gender. They are very much aware of the TV and Media. They gave these views and appropriate responses on gender equality, Mahima Bhardwaj, KRMU, SJMC, MA (JMC) student added. 

SJMC students explain the whole concept about the concerned theme. However, children already know this term and they give their opinion. SJMC Ast. Professor interacted with the school teacher and requested to teach them about gender equality on a regular basis. This type of activity gives strength to students to deal with different situations in the media line. SJMC students make them aware, added Meghna Gangwar, KRMU, SJMC, MA (JMC) student.

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Priyanka Kumari, Student of SJMC, KRMU said, the concerned program is very beneficial for the media students as it gives them an idea about the gender literacy rates amongst the rural child. Now, the scenario has changed and they have a bit of extra knowledge about gender as not expected from rural students. This type of activity makes the roots of knowledge stronger than the media students, she asserted.

Despite all of this, As of 2021, the percentage of women who are literate in rural India is 54.6%. Compared to men, who have a literacy rate of 82.1%, this is much lower. In rural areas, where just 54.6% of rural women and 82.1% of rural men are literate, the gender disparity in literacy is greatest. Thus, this kind of event helps more for the awareness about the same.

(Author: Mahima Bhardwaj, Meghna Gangwar, Priyanka Kumari (MA-JMC, SJMC Students, KRMU) and edited by CEO of Youth Darpan Media Group, Faculty Member of KRMU, SJMC, Mr. Trilok Kumar Singh.)

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