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Anti-Catholic bigotry has no place in US: Trump

President Donald Trump has said that anti-Catholic bigotry has absolutely no place in the US as he rued opposition to his Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Comey Barrett based on her religious background.

Speaking at 75th Annual Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, which went virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump said one of his top priorities is to defend religious liberty and “the cherished role of faith and faith-based organisations in our national life.”

Trump highlighted his administration”s accomplishments benefiting Catholic voters.

“To protect your God-given rights, I was recently honoured to nominate one of our most brilliant legal minds, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to the US Supreme Court, and that was an honour indeed,” he said.

If confirmed by the Senate, Judge Barrett will replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who passed away last month after prolonged illness.

“We will not stand for any attacks against Judge Barrett’s faith. Anti-Catholic bigotry has absolutely no place in the US of America. It predominates in the Democrat party, and we must do something immediately about it, like a Republican win — and let’s make it a really big one,” Trump said.

Trump said that as president he will always support their effort to serve fellow citizens and to lift up all humanity.

“I will protect the Catholic Church, and I will defend the rights of religious believers of every race, religion, colour and creed,” he said.

The president’s speech was preceded by remarks by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden during which he mourned the loss of his fellow citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The American people don’t give up. There is no quit in America. Mark my words – one day we will look back not at how far we fell but how fiercely we fought back as a country,” Biden said.

The prestigious Al Smith Dinner is known for laughter and jokes. However, this year due to the coronavirus, both Trump and Biden refrained from any jokes. Both the speeches were delivered by video.

“I know there is disappointment that the dinner tonight couldn”t continue as normal, for us to sit together and put politics aside for the night. These are difficult times,” Biden said.

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