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Hand-fans crafted by tribal artisans give relief to dignitaries of I-Day event at Red Fort

In an overcast Delhi, colourful hand-fans crafted by tribal artisans offered relief from high humidity levels to the dignitaries of the Independence Day function at the historic Red Fort.

An overcast sky with high relative humidity was a perfect recipe for a typical sultry morning in the national capital.

At 8:30 am, humidity level was 95 per cent, according to the weather department.

The hand-fans were procured by the Defence Ministry from the Tribal Affairs Ministry”s agency TRIFED, as part of the government”s efforts to popularise local products.

Sourced from artisans of states such as Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat and Jharkhand, these fans are made of natural, organic materials, TRIFED said.

“As a memorabilia, these fans help revive memories of the past when these were an integral part of Indian households and offered comfort in the scorching heat,” the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd (TRIFED) said.

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