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100 Indian artists under one roof

The Art of India exhibition, brings together art lovers, experts, and creators, in an effort to make art more democratic and accessible by showing a collection of over 150 works by various Indian artists. This is the second iteration of the exhibition, which includes a variety of art forms created by s ome of the most prominent modern Indian artists from both home and abroad.

The show will take place in Mumbai at Snowball Studios in March and Delhi at Bikaner House in April 2023, and will feature the works of more than 100 Indian artists.

The edition is curated by Dr Tarana Khubchandani, Director of Gallery Art & Soul, and mentored by known artist Brinda Miller, who brings her immense knowledge of Indian art to enhance curation. With Inclusion & Diversity as its theme, the second edition of The Art of India is a relevant, unique amalgamation of some of the best works from different regions of the country.

The impressive line-up includes artists both living and those who have passed away but left a great impact with their work. From the powerful vibrancy of Sujata Bajaj’s abstracted gestures to the late Akbar Padamsee’s pointillistic works; from Sheetal Gattani’s earthy textured paintings with a minimalistic vocabulary to Bose Krishnamachari’s unrivalled Ghost series.

Featuring artworks of artists spanning eight decades, The Art of India show highlights prominent Bengal Masters, as well as pays an ode to the artists who laid the foundation and substratum at a time when Indian art was still nascent. Akbar Padamsee, Ambadas, CN Karunakaran, Jeram Patel, Jai Zharotia, Prabhakar Barwe, Rabin Mondal, Ram Kumar, and Vasant Wankhede, are some of those masters who passed, but formed their unique identities and left their indelible imprints on the History of Indian Art.

With paintings, sculptural works in different media, hand-woven art carpets, video projections, 3D walkthroughs, and an array of workshops, the ART OF INDIA brings Indian art to the centre stage on the cultural landscape. It is an opportunity for art lovers of every genre to connect and collect.

“India has a rich heritage of visual arts that dates back to the dawn of human civilisation. For as long as humanity has existed, art has been one of the biggest ‘influencers’ as well as mirror of our lives. As an effort to unite artists and art lovers, The Art of India exhibition will showcase creative expressions of artistic proficiency and imaginative concepts. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, and digital and mixed-media works are examples of several artworks that will be displayed as part of this magnum opus. Our aim is to spread art awareness all over the Indian subcontinent through specially curated exhibitions of artworks of multiple genres,” shares Brinda Miller.

The show also features a special series in keeping with the new age forms of art as well as honouring the veterans: The FORGOTTEN series spotlights the works of 94-year-old post war artist Naval Jijina in a memorable tribute, marking the event as one that goes beyond mere visual treat; Ceramics have firmly claimed a space in the art milieu, much admired and coveted. We bring some of the most well-known names among the ceramicists of India in special works created for the occasion. In the Digital Dopamine section, Episode 21 by Jenny Bhatt, the application of augmented reality adds a fascinating layer to pop art; whereas Kiyomi Talaulicar’s “Unity” as a quilt attempts to portray the cultural richness of India, held together by the thread of its spirit.

“It is the artists who play the role of embracing and integrating differences by layering an inclusive and sensitised canvas. Art practitioners move beyond imposed boundaries to present their point of view and their perspective, in form, format, and colour. In the second edition of The Art of India show, we celebrate and embrace the diversity of canvas, paper, bronze, and clay. It is our attempt to bring Indian art to the centre stage and is an opportunity for art lovers of every genre to connect with the community and add to their art collections,” concludes Dr Khubchandani.

The dates and venues for the show are as follows:


Show on display from March 19 to 25

Venue: Snowball Studios, Worli, Mumbai


Date: April 7 to 13

Venue: Bikaner House

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