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Makar Sankranti 2018

Trilok Singh, Wishing You All a Very Happy Makar Sankranti 2018. Have a great day ahead. Makar or Makara (मकर) in Vedic astrology is the sign of Capricorn (Zodiac sign). Sankranti means transmigration (स्थानांतर- मन) of the sun from one Rashi (zodiac sign) to the

Sri Lankan Culture in The United States

One of the most important features of the Sri Lankan culture is its festivals which are also a major tourist attraction. Located in the south of the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon) has different landscapes ranging from rainforests, beaches and tea plantations to older

Gains Without Pains!

One reason such a large number of individuals despise cardio is that it requires a long investment, goes through a ton of energy, and can be tiring for your muscles. More terrible, it can inflict significant damage on your joints. Any individual who invests a

Promoting Medical Tourism

Ministry of Tourism has recognised Medical and Wellness Tourism as Niche Tourism Products for promotion. The Ministry offers financial support as Marketing Development Assistance, for Publicity, and for organising Wellness and Medical Tourism Promotion shows as well as workshop/events/seminars to accredited Medical and Wellness Tourism

Major Ways to Promote Culture And Wellness

However there’s no need to shell out the funds for an on-site massage therapist or fitness center, especially if you’re a startup with fixed budget constraints. Instead, these five ideas promote workplace wellness from a practical, inexpensive standpoint. The emphasis is on enhancing performance and

Best New Year Wishes 2018 Apart From Common Wishes

Trilok Singh, Happy New Year 2018 Dear all‼ “Scholarly Writings is a ‘unique vocation’ to serve the truth and hold a mirror to the day today happenings in a society at large scale”. Be Joyful, Be Objective, Be Unbiased, Be Responsible, Be accountable, Be a Nationalist, Be Artistic,

The Musical Instruments You’ll Love To Learn This Christmas

25It is very time consuming and challenging owing to our demanding schedule. But during Christmas, we will definitely be able to save some time, to pursue our favorite hobby of playing musical instrument. Christmas holidays are the best time to learn any musical instrument. It’s

Vice President Greets People on the eve of Christmas

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has greeted the people of our country on the joyous occasion of Christmas. In a message, he said that Christmas reaffirms our faith in the values of compassion and forgiveness taught by Lord Jesus Christ for

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