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Raja Parba, a three-day festival in Odisha

Raja Parba: It is based on the belief that Mother Earth menstruates for those three days and she is given a ceremonial bath on the fourth day. For those three days, no agricultural activity like ploughing or sowing takes place as Mother Earth is expected

Why do Muslims pray on Friday?

The secret behind Friday Prayers Muslims pray daily and not only on Fridays. However, particularly on Fridays, they are called for a special gathering prayer at noon in the mosque, called Jumaa prayer. But why Friday? Frankly spceaking, I am not scholar enough to answer

How to Celebrate Eid With Your Family?

Eid is one of the most important and the most celebrated festivals for Muslims. The festival is celebrated following the one month of Ramadan and fasting. Now, the thing is that we all want our Eid celebration to be special so that we and our family

The idea behind incorporating yoga into Dance

Sonal Mansingh shares the idea behind incorporating yoga into dance, with Ranjeni A Singh. The dancers gathered onstage to offer prayers to Ganesha as the sonorous voice of the accompanying singer filled the auditorium. But instead of using classical dance mudras,they used yogasana postures to

World Oceans Day 2018

Will you stop using single-use plastic bags, bottles & straws to help our ocean? Plastic trash is a serious problem for our ocean, and especially all the animals that call it home, but together we can be part of the solution. RT this poll in

Religion in South India

As we have seen earlier the population of South India consists of many ethnic layers and many social groups. Civilization and culture go back to neolithic times in the south and there is reason to believe that the Dravidian speaking people arrived in India even


Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Krishna -Sri Krishna The Supreme Being in His form as Sri Krishna appeared in Yadu Vamsha (Yadav of Kshatriya Chandra or Som Vamsha lineage) on this planet 5,000 years ago and performed His pastimes for 125 years before returning to

Ramadan 2018: Significance of Ramadan World Wide

Ramadan is observed by Muslims to commemorate when Allah first revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. The date is also recognised as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, alongside faith, prayer, charity, and making a pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca. It is believed

Event in the National Capital Not to be skip

Events bring a zest of life breaking the monotony of our daily routines. There is nothing quite like going to an event and witnessing the live action. And if you happen to be in Delhi, well you just cannot miss all the jamborees around you


Mother’s Day is special to all of us, isn’t it? All of us look forward to this day to let our mummy dear know how special she is to us. But do you know just how this day came into existence; when was it first