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Twitter’s priority is to fix recommendation algorithm: Elon Musk

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said that the company’s “current top priority” is to fix the recommendation algorithm.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Musk asked: “What are your top requests for Twitter features & bug fixes?”

“We will prioritise by number of likes times ease of implementation,” he added.

To this post, a user commented, “Feed refreshes for ‘For You’ tab is weird. So is the font and paragraph spacing.”

Replying to the user’s concern, Musk said, “Fixing the recommendation algorithm is our current top priority. Twitter engineering has been working super hard on this. Proud of the team.”

Later, he posted: “Please stay tuned while we make adjustments to the uh.a ‘algorithm’.

Twitter CEO on Sunday said that the engineers resolved two significant problems on the micro-blogging platform during a “long day at Twitter HQ” with him.

Musk also said that oversized fonts and undersized paragraph spacing will be fixed this week.

Meanwhile, on Monday, he had said that the Twitter team “completed” several works “over night”, including improving the reach of retweets and “removed filter causing false negatives”.

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