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Mutual trust & respect bind India-Australia ties: PM Narendra Modi

While addressing a massive crowd of the Indian diaspora in Sydney on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that mutual trust and respect are the elements that bind India and Australia ties.

He made the remarks at an event at the Qudos Bank Arena where he received a rousing welcome from the diaspora members.

Upon his arrival at the arena accompanied by his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, Modi was welcomed amid Vedic chanting and other traditional rituals.

Addressing the Indian diaspora, Modi said: “No matter what the geographical distances are between India and Australia, the Indian Ocean connects us. No matter how different lifestyles are in both countries, yoga connects us! Cricket is something which has kept us connected for ages… and now tennis and movies form other connecting bridges.

“There was a time when ‘3Cs’ were used to define relations between India and Australia — Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry. After that, it was ‘3Ds’ — Democracy, Diaspora and Dosti (friendship). Now it has become ‘3Es’ — Energy, Economy and Education.

“But the truth is that the actual depth of the relations between India and Australia transcends these C, D, E… The strongest and biggest foundations of this relation actually are mutual trust and mutual respect, and the real reason behind this is Indian diaspora.”

Modi said he has kept his promise that the Indians in Australia will not have to wait for another 28 years to see their Prime Minister.

“Last time when I came here, I gave you all a promise. And that promise was that you won’t have to wait for India’s Prime Minister for a long 28 years, again. And see, I am here! Prime Minister Albanese is also with me, here,” he said.

Remembering the late Austrlian bowling great Shane Warne, said: “We are not only partners in happiness but also share our grief. The entire India grieved at the passing away of Shane Warne.”

The Prime Minister also highlighted that how India in the last nine years has made great strides.

“We have opened around 500 million bank accounts for the poor people. Not only this, actually the whole eco-system of public delivery has been transformed in India. An amount worth over Rs 28 lakh crore have been directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries, since 2014.

“The JAM Trinity and DBT have brought a revolution in the country. IMF considers India the ‘Bright Spot’ of global economy. According to World Bank, if there’s any country which is withstanding global headwinds, it is India. India has made record exports even in the most challenging times,” he added.

As part of his final leg of the three-nation tour, Modi arrived in Sydney on Monday night as a guest of the Australian government.

In 2014, Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Australia after Rajiv Gandhi, where he addressed 20,000 people at the Sydney SuperDome at Olympic Park and said that in coming years, more Indian leaders will be visiting Down Under.

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