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Centre grants exemption for fast authorisation of drone pilot training organisations

The Civil Aviation Ministry has granted conditional exemption to the aviation regulator Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for processing of applications for authorisation of remote pilot training organisations.

The move is aimed at fast tracking the authorisation process of drone pilot training organisations in the country.

As per the Drone Rules, any person who intends to obtain the authorisation to establish a remote pilot training organisation will have to submit an application to the Director General in a prescribed form on the digital sky platform.

The Director General may, within 60 days of the date of receipt of application, issue the authorisation to establish a remote pilot training organisation to the applicant if he satisfies the specified criteria and meets with the requirements for establishing such remote pilot training organisation.

According to an order issued by the Civil Aviation Ministry on July 15, the exemption has been granted for authorisation of remote pilot training organisation with single or multiple locations through emails.

Moreover, DGCA has been advised to collect applicable fees through Bharatkosh or through suitable means to enable fast issuance of authorisations under the Drone Rules, 2021.

Keeping in view the need to produce more drone pilots, the pilot certification process has been completely decentralised. DGCA now certifies drone schools and the concerned schools will grant certificates to pilots.

Supporting the drone sector, in 2021, the government notified the liberalised Drone Rules. Besides, the government also made it easier for drone manufacturers to obtain a type certificate. Drone Import Policy, 2022 banned the import of foreign-made drones providing a boost to the domestic manufactures.

Drones are used both by the public sector and private sector for different purposes, including aerial photography and cinematography, land surveys, monitoring infrastructure like roads and highways as well as by the construction industry, defence, mining and telecom.

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