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See the plight of migrants, give them Rs 7,500: Sonia Gandhi

We request the central government to give relief to the needy people and provide every family Rs 7,500 for six months: Congress chief.

Accusing the Narendra Modi government of not listening to the plight of the migrant workers, Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi on May 28 demanded from the government to provide Rs 7,500 to every needy of the country for next six months.

Sonia Gandhi, Speaking in the Congress “SpeakUp” campaign to take the voice of poor, migrants, small businesses and the middle class to the central government. Further, In the last two months the lockdown to combat the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19), has created a huge problem of economic crisis, She added.

Following the IANS here, “For the first time after independence, people have seen the pain and plight of the migrant workers travelling back bare foot. Their pain and plight was heard by the entire nation but not by the government,” She further argued that crores of jobs have been lost, many factories shut, farmers facing issues in selling crops but the government could not assess it, Congress chief asserted.

The Congress chief, who is also the Lok Sabha MP from Rae Bareli, said, “Since day one, all Congress leaders, economists and people from the civil society urged the government that it is time to heal the wounds of the people. But the government is not ready to understand or help the people.” she asserted.

She stated that, Thus Congress has decided to raise the voice of the people. We request the central government to give relief to the needy people and provide every family Rs 7,500 for six months. And instantly provide Rs 10,000 into their bank accounts.

She also asked the government to arrange for the free and safe travel for the stranded migrant workers and also arrange for their employment. “Increase employment days to 200 under MGNREGA so that they can get jobs in their villages,” she asserted.

Adding that the ruling party also needs to help the small and medium scale industries in these tough times so that crores of jobs are saved. Despite the same, Through social media, the Congress leaders, workers, activists are raising this demand once again. The congress chief also urged the people to participate in the campaign and raise the issues being faced by the people.

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