Local, national issues play on minds of Delhi voters

As voters in Delhi exercised their franchise to elect seven Members of Parliament on Sunday, local issues seem to have been strongly on their minds even as many of them also talked of national issues.

People IANS spoke to in North East Delhi and in South Delhi spoke about their local problems related to security, sealing, parking, pollution, traffic management but also talked of having given importance to national security in their voting preferences.

Reena Devi, 52, a resident of Sant Nagar in Burari, said she gets water supply in her home on alternate days and even that is not always assured.

“This is not a new problem and it has remained unresolved for years. Who is thinking about us but there is talk of other bigger issues,” she said.

D. Fathima, 28, also a resident of Burari, said that security for women was inadequate.

“It is difficult for us to step out of our house at odd hours. We are not in any remote area. This is the national capital,” she said.

People also raised issues concerning traffic jams, bad roads and lack of cleanliness.

Brijesh Yadav, 62, who resides in Shahdara, said he had not seen any difference in the congestion in the area since he shifted here in 2003.

“A number of governments have come and gone since then. I have little hope that the situation will improve in the next 10 years,” he said.

Residents of Bhajanpura talked of traffic jams, illegal parking and congestion created by street vendors and autos.

“Crossing the chowk (Bhajanpura roundabout) is a nightmare. Everyday it takes us a minimum of 30 minutes to cross it,” said Vikas, a resident.

Similar issues were raised by residents of nearby Arvind Nagar, North Ghonda, Gamri village, Kartar Nagar and Sudama Puri.

A few locals said that national security was of paramount importance.

“People should think of local issues in municipal and Assembly elections. This is a national election and it is the time to think about the nation,” said Vijay Singh, a resident of Bhajanpura.

Prema Pandey, another resident of the area, said local issues have to be tackled by local representatives.

“Do you think any party or Prime Minister can solve the water issue here? We elect a PM so that he represents us globally. He has to deal with bigger issues,” she said.

In South Delhi also, local and national issues played on the minds of voters.

Pramod Agarwal, whose daily needs store in Lajpat Nagar was shut down after his shop was sealed, said this will be the deciding factor for him.

“BJP and AAP both failed to save our livelihood. I was not impressed by the work of previous Congress-led government but livelihood is more important to me than anything else,” he said.

Anshuman Bohra, who voted at a polling booth in Greater Kailash, said the issue of national security has been on his mind for some weeks.

“A strong government is necessary at the Centre to make sure that peace prevails in the region,” he said.

People in the constituency also mentioned their problems related to parking, regulatory norms for setting up businesses, security of women and pollution.

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