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Gen Z’s digital dive leading to the growing fascination with the stars

Riya Kapoor, aged 23, never misses reading her daily horoscope every morning before getting into her daily routine and Kapoor is not alone who is getting swayed by astrology. Larger strata of Gen Z are developing a greater faith in the stars. The digital astrology revolution is one of the contributory factors towards the growing popularity of astrology among GenZ/Zoomers, thanks to the social media frenzy which has evolved into a major cultural phenomenon.

A plethora of astrology apps, websites, and social media accounts have emerged, offering personalized horoscopes, compatibility analyses, and daily cosmic insights. Gen Z, with its digital fluency, is embracing these platforms as an integral part of their daily routine.

Astro-consultation platforms, Astroyogi shares a deep dive into the trending market of GenZ. The ‘Zodiac Generation’ show a preference for chatting with 39.8 percent, nearly twice as much as opting for phone consultations. In cities with high social media usage, Gen Z users account for 60.2 percent of the total online astrology users, while non-Gen Z users constitute 39.8 percent. Notably, nearly 80 percent of all Gen Z queries are relationship-related, focusing on current relationships or the potential rekindling of past ones.

More concrete proof of the astrology boom can be found in the popularity of apps such as Astroyogi, and Astrotalk. Not only horoscopes, but GenZ is greatly inclined towards other available services as well, including tarot readings, and well-being sessions such as reiki and pranic healing.

“Most of my clients are GenZers, and their belief in Tarot is relatively new. Some of them take readings to verify their accuracy, while others are consistent seekers of guidance from the Universe, turning to readings every time they feel lost,” said Shweta Verhani, an intuitive Tarot reader.

Beyond predicting the future, astrology has become a tool for holistic well-being. Gen Z is turning to astrology not just for career guidance or relationship advice but also for insights into mental health, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. In a country rich with astrological traditions, Gen Z is seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with modern perspectives.

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