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Reena Roy recounts explaining ‘thumkas’ to Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actress Reena Roy recalled how she explained to the departed star Rishi Kapoor about “thumkas” that were only meant for women.

Reena was on the reality show ‘Superstar Singer 2’ as a guest. The contestants celebrated the 1970’s diva with a ‘Reena Roy special’ episode.

Contestant Aryananda R. Babu (from Calicut) left Reena astonished with an impeccable performance of the songs ‘Mere sanson ko jo mehaka rahi hai’ and ‘Sheesha ho ya dil ho’.

Getting nostalgic, Reena rides back to her shooting days by Aryananda’s singing and shares an interesting memory about her experience working with the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor.

With back to back superhits, Reena Roy was amongst the famous actresses of her time. Judge Himesh Reshammiya will be seen asking Reena Roy’s experience working with the legendary actor, with whom she has given some of her most iconic performances.

Remembering Rishi Kapoor, actress Reena Roy shared: “Rishi Kapoor was very hard working. Whenever he would be on set he would want everything to be perfect whether it’s dance or acting.

“If something does not go well he would get very upset. I still remember the time when we shot “Kya Naam Hain Tera” song, in which there was one step which was a little complicated.

“He was not able to catch up with the step that he got so upset that he sat at a corner and did not speak to anyone.”

She added: “Even the producer and the director failed to understand him so I walked up to him and explained that the thumkas are meant for women and not for men and he does not have to worry about that steps. After that he was all relaxed. I am so glad that we have so many fond memories together that I will cherish forever”.

‘Superstar Singer 2’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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