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Raja Kumari rap for track ‘Sherni Aayi’ from Sushmita’s ‘Aarya 3’

Rapper Raja Kumari has lent her vocal prowess for the track titled ‘Sherni Aayi’ from the latest release ‘Aarya 3’ and actress Sushmita Sen tagged the rapper as “a strong woman full of power”.

Sushmita said: “Raja Kumari is a strong woman full of power, almost like the most fitting partner in crime for Aarya. Her incredible talent perfectly matches and compliments Aarya’s innate strength and resilience. Working on this together felt like a celebration of strong women everywhere.”

“In the real world, I feel Aarya and Raja Kumari could make for an unbeatable pair, one that no one can mess with. For me, this isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem, and a clear declaration of inner strength and fearlessness,” she said.

American rapper and songwriter said, “Shooting for the music video for ‘Sherni Aayi’ was a different experience altogether! This is the first time I have collaborated with Sushmita and have always heard about the kind of aura she brings to the set and witnessing this in person was just beautiful. The kind of positivity that she brings, lights up the entire shoot and that’s exactly what happened during the shoot of ‘Sherni Aayi’!

Raja said: “I have always admired Sushmita’s strength and being a part of this music video for ‘Aarya’ was like a dream come true for me. Even more so because it’s about two strong women coming together to inspire strength and power and I truly stand for that! Even as I sang these lyrics, I got goosebumps as I could feel the power that Aarya embodies.”

The rapper said that this anthem is a tribute to all the shernis out there, embracing their own uniqueness and facing challenges head on.”

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