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Maya Sarao loved her character’s ‘no-nonsense attitude’ in ‘Aarya 3’

Actress Maya Sarao has opened up about getting to know her character in thriller drama ‘Aarya 3’, and drawing parallels between Maya as a human, and as a character.

Maya Sarao, plays the role of Maya Bishnoi in the show, starring Sushmita Sen in the lead. She is the best friend of Aarya (Sushmita) and Hina Khan (played by Sugandha Garg).

Talking about her role, Maya said: “I loved her no-nonsense attitude, and I could relate to how, despite that, she often found herself in tough situations. I tried not to ‘approach’ this role deliberately because real life doesn’t work that way.”

“We can be strong, but life throws unexpected challenges at us. In Maya’s case, it’s like going off the deep end. So, I aimed to be on the same journey and not have everything figured out beforehand,” she shared.

The actress said she attempted to imagine and live through experiences that Maya the person had never encountered, but Maya the character did.

“Sometimes, it’s a challenge to determine where to draw that internal inspiration,” she added.

In the third season, Aarya has her eyes set on the supply and transportation of the narcotic drug but is intercepted by Ila Arun, who herself is the undisputed queen on the supply side.

Created and co-directed by the visionary Ram Madhvani and co-produced by Amita Madhavni, Ram Madhvani, Ram Madhvani Films and Endemol Shine India, ‘Aarya 3’ will air on Disney+ Hotstar from November 3.

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