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‘Bigg Boss 17’: Ankita Lokhande says she took pregnancy test in show

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, actress Ankita Lokhande, who has been facing ups and downs in her married life with Vicky Jain in the show, shared that she missed her periods, took a pregnancy test inside the house and is now waiting for the result.

It happened right after the house change, where Ankita remained in the “Dil” house and Vicky was shifted to “Dimaag”. This caused a turmoil in their relationship. However, in the latest episode of the show, the couple was seen sitting in the garden area having a conversation, which once again led to a fight.

Ankita then said, “Mein thak gayi, mein sach mein thak gayi, mentally. Mereko lag raha hain mein bimar hu, mereko feeling aa rahi hai andar se. I am not well. Mujhe period nahi aa raha hain, mujhe ghar jana hain.”

Vicky then said that she claimed she got her periods a day before, to which Ankita said that she went for a blood test.

“I have gone through blood tests to check whether I am pregnant. I had the test yesterday and today, they did my urine test. My emotions are going up and down, I am going through something which I can’t explain. I am confused and I am not blaming you for it.”

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