Happy Holi 2019: #YD

Holi is a standout amongst the most praised celebrations in India. It is the celebration of bliss and hues. The festival is set apart before the finish of winter and the start of spring. It is one of those circumstances when the social obstructions lose their quality and fun streams noticeable all around. Hisrorically, Holi is an ancient festival of India and was originally known as ‘Holika’. The day finds a detailed description in early religious works such as Jaimini’s Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras. Several Historians also believe that Holi was celebrated by all Aryans but more so in the Eastern part of India.

The vibrancy of this festival is something that brings in a lot of positivity in our lives and it being the festival of colours is actually a day worth rejoicing. It is a famous Hindu festival that is celebrated in every part of India with utmost joy and enthusiasm. The ritual starts by lighting up the bonfire one day before the day of Holi and this process symbolizes the triumph of good over the bad.

Significantly, In spite of being such a colourful and gay festival, there are various aspects of Holi which makes it so significant for our lives. Though they might not be so apparent but a closer look and a little thought will reveal the significance of Holi in more ways than meets the eyes. Ranging from socio-cultural, religious to biological there is every reason why we must heartily enjoy the festival and cherish the reasons for its celebrations.

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There are various legends that are connected with this Indian celebration. It is otherwise called Phagwah, Dolajatra, Dol Jatra or Basantotsav. Holi is of specific centrality in the Braj district and the areas customarily associated with the Lord Krishna. So when, its time for Holi, please don’t hold yourself back and enjoy the festival to the hilt by participating with full enthusiasm in every small tradition related to the festival.

Also, The festival existed several centuries before Christ. However, the meaning of the festival is believed to have changed over the years. Earlier it was a special rite performed by married women for the happiness and well-being of their families and the full moon (Raka) was worshiped.

Celebration of the various legends associated with Holi reassure the people of the power of the truth as the moral of all these legends is the ultimate victory of good over evil. The legend of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad also points to the fact that extreme devotion to god pays as god always takes his true devotee in his shelter.

Moreover, It is an old celebration of India that was initially named as Holika. It discovers says in Jaimini’s Purvamimamsa Sutras and Kathak Grhya Sutras and in addition Narad Purana and Bhavishya Purana. It is trusted that the colossal ruler of evil presences HiranyaKashyap had an aid of interminability and his child Prahlada was an extraordinary enthusiast of Lord Vishnu. Prahlada, disregarding his dad’s refusal, kept worshiping Vishnu lastly his dad chose to slaughter him.

Prahlada was given toxic substance however that transformed into nectar in his mouth. He was trampled by elephants however even that did not influence him. At the point when the greater part of Huranyakashyap’s endeavors to execute his child fizzled, he requested that his sister Holika put him ablaze. She was honored not to be influenced by flame but rather when the fire began, she was singed to death while Prahlada stayed unaffected. This frequency is commended as Holika Dahan.

Following the inputs, Besides having a detailed description in the Vedas and Puranas such as Narad Purana and Bhavishya Purana, the festival of Holi finds a mention in Jaimini Mimansa. A stone incription belonging to 300 BC found at Ramgarh in the province of Vindhya has mention of Holikotsav on it. King Harsha, too has mentioned about holikotsav in his work Ratnavali that was written during the 7th century. The famous Muslim tourist – Ulbaruni too has mentioned about holikotsav in his historical memories. Other Muslim writers of that period have mentioned, that holikotsav were not only celebrated by the Hindus but also by the Muslims.

The festival of Holi also finds a reference in the sculptures on walls of old temples. A 16th century panel sculpted in a temple at Hampi, capital of Vijayanagar, shows a joyous scene of Holi. The painting depicts a Prince and his Princess standing amidst maids waiting with syringes or pichkaris to drench the Royal couple in coloured water. A 16th century Ahmednagar painting is on the theme of Vasanta Ragini – spring song or music. It shows a royal couple sitting on a grand swing, while maidens are playing music and spraying colors with pichkaris…

The Festival also impacts the way of life of the past and additionally the cutting edge culture. Holi is praised in India as well as various different nations like Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and so forth.. Alongside that, shading celebrations are praised in the United States and some European nations with different names and events. Various contemporary plays, motion pictures, TV serials have notices of Holi for various reasons.

All aspects of India observes Holi in its own specific manner. These customs differ from one state to other. It is the most charming convention of Holi. Together, the rich and poor people, men and ladies appreciate tossing hues on each other. The air is loaded with happiness and fun.

In Maharashtra and Gujarat, pots of buttermilk are hung high in the boulevards. Gathering of men frame a human pyramid to break the pot with the head while the ladies toss pails of water with an end goal to stop them. This custom originates from the stories of Lord Krishna who was very partial to spread drain. Additionally, at put called Barsana, ladies beat their men and dress them in female clothing upon the arrival of Holi. In Bengal, it is praised in the most stately way.

Despite all of this, There are sure issues that are connected with this incredible celebration. Natural contamination and utilization of engineered hues being the best a large portion of them. There is a worry about water contamination because of engineered hues amid Holi alongside the natural issue identified with the customary Holika Dahan which prompts deforestation.

Artificially delivered modern colors have assumed thd position of regular hues which were generally made of turmeric, sandalwood, concentrate of blossoms and takes off. Absence of control over the quality and substance is the offender of this issue.

President, Vice President, Prime Minister extend Holi greetings to the Nation

President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday greeted the nation on the occasion of Holi.

Greetings and best wishes to fellow citizens in India and abroad on the auspicious occasion of Holi. The festival of colours, Holi is a celebration of spring and fraternity in our society. May it bring peace, joy and prosperity to everyone’s lives #PresidentKovind


“Greetings and best wishes to fellow citizens in India and abroad on the auspicious occasion of Holi,” tweeted Kovind, who had also released a statement on Wednesday.

“The festival of colours, Holi is a celebration of spring and fraternity in our society. May it bring peace, joy and prosperity to everyone’s lives,” Kovind said.

Holi is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is a festival that expresses joy, camaraderie and conviviality.

May this festival bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness in our lives. #Holi2019 pic.twitter.com/wJ5eOmgznZ


Naidu tweeted that Holi was a celebration of the victory of good over evil and a festival that expresses joy, camaraderie and conviviality.

होली के पावन पर्व की सभी देशवासियों को ढेरों शुभकामनाएं। हर्ष और उल्लास का यह त्योहार हमारी एकता और सद्भावना के रंग को और प्रगाढ़ करे। pic.twitter.com/glZ6eQHaoe


Modi also extended greetings to the nation on the occasion of Holi and said that the festival of joy and gaiety would strengthen the colour of unity and goodwill.

Extending wishes, Rahul Gandhi said: “Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holi. I pray to God that this festival brings colours to your life.”

HAPPY HOLI 2019 TO ALL OF US, Let’s Celebrate Holi, 21st March 2019: Environment Friendly and safe! CEO TRILOK SINGH.

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