Happy Dussehra 2018

Dussehra festival is also called by the other name Vijayadashmi – “Victory on the tenth Day”. It is celebrated after the ninth day of Sharad Navratri, which lies during the month of October or November. During the nine days of Navratri festival, people worship the idol of goddess Durga in the temples and Pandals. On the tenth day people participate in the procession of Durga and after it Durga idol has been immersed in the river. On the same day, at evening, the people burn effigy of Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath. According to mythology, legends say that, on the tenth day of navratri Lord Rama killed Ravana. This festival is celebrated in the all parts of the India with crackers and sharing sweets etc..

Happy Vijya Dashmi to all of you, Trilok Singh and Saurabh Singh (TRILOKSINGH.ORG).

Why People Celebrate Dussehra?

According to legends, there are several stories behind celebrations of Dussehra festival. We are sharing here few famous mythological stories, which you may have heard before too.

The first story is related to lord Rama and demon Ravana, which is described in Ramayana in detail. During the Rama’s exile, his wife Sita and brother Laxman was also with him. For some reason, demon Ravana abducted the Goddess Sita. To get his wife Sita back, lord Rama made a fight with Ravana. On the tenth day of fight, lord Rama get the victory on demon Ravana by killing him. From that time people celebrate the tenth day as Vijayadashmi.

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The second story is related to Goddess Durga and demon Mahishasur. When the goddess army were not able to kill demon Mahishasur they prayed with Trimurti God to save them. With the powers and blessings of Trimurti God, Goddess Durga incarnated who has the ultimate powers. Goddess Durga made a fight with Mahishasur, which continues until nine days, which are known as nine days of navratri. On the tenth day, Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasur and save the life of the God.

Dussehra Celebration in India:

Dussehra festival is not celebrated only in India, it is celebrated in nearby country Bangladesh too with huge zeal. In India, the “Dussehra of Mysore”, “Dussehra of Kullu” and “Dussehra of Kolkata” are very famous among people. In all the three cities Kolakta, Kullu and Mysore, people celebrate the Dussehra festival with great excitement. The event of burning effigy of Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath create a spectacular view. In Mysore, People worship goddess Chamundeshwari devi on the day of Dussehra festival and take the procession of goddess in the streets of the Mysore. In Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, Dussehra festival is started a week before the final day of Dussehra. Huge Pandals has been set up in the streets, people visit to these Pandals to see the eye-catching view of Goddess idols.

After the burning of effigy event, one more event is held in the most parts of India i.e. procession of lord Rama carried out in the city in the praise of lord Rama victory over Ravana. In which lord Rama, lord Laxman and lord Hanuman sit on a chariot and this chariot has been taken to the streets of the city where people welcome lord Rama, Laxman and Hanuman. Families including the children burst the crackers to show their happiness. Special food including sweets has been served to family members on this auspicious occasion.


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Vijyadashmi is an Important Hindu Festival