Event in the National Capital Not to be skip

Events bring a zest of life breaking the monotony of our daily routines. There is nothing quite like going to an event and witnessing the live action. And if you happen to be in Delhi, well you just cannot miss all the jamborees around you as there is something or the other going on for everyone at every nook and corner of the city.

Delhi is not only the political capital of India but also a home to different cultures from around the world. This amalgamation of culture that Delhi possesses is reflected from the different events that happen in and around the city. Apart from being a major tourist spot in India, Delhi has also become the breeding ground for a bunch of sophisticated events and exhibitions with world-class stall designing and fabrication, augmented reality, booth visuals etc.

Delhiites have always been a health and fitness aware community and it is evident from the various marathons and healthcare events organized in the city. As part of these events, participants enjoy a day of healthy fun and outside physical activity as well as receive important free health screenings and education. To name a few: MTNL Perfect Health Mela , a one-of-its-kind event organized by the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) with support from other patrons held every year with a mission to generate all-around awareness on health, Fight The Fat: a reality show hosted to encourage the contestants to lose weight and win the title prize, Indian Marathon With Yoga: a marathon paired with yoga and music focused on promoting fit and healthy life, Run for soldiers: a road running event to honor the sacrifices of martyrs and wounded soldiers of our armed forces. These events help you to take that one step away from your couch towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.

With the wedding season in its full fledge, one cannot deny that the wedding industry is a big one especially in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore, the city organizes a multitude of wedding fairs with a purpose of bringing the whole industry under one roof. Destination Wedding Fair is one such fair to be held in the month of July bringing the best of handpicked wedding trousseau collections from the best designers of Asia, jewellers, venues, hotels, wedding planners, wedding decor artists, makeup artists, holiday planners, caterers, entertainment artists, invitation card companies, wedding magazines, and many more.

Once wedding has been mentioned, fashion industry can never be left behind with its imprints all over the capital. Delhiites have a very distinctive taste of fashion and just to get them excited much, the city has lots to offer as well. Exhibitions in Delhi like Fashion wellness spa expo to be held in the month of August plans to put forward a bunch of fashion shows, hair styling shows job and franchisee fairs etc.

And if you are a technology enthusiast and want to learn a thing or two about the latest technologies, emerging ideas and even specific business hacks, Delhi is the place you should be looking at. With approximately 2-3 workshops and technical events being organized in the city, the quest for something new just never ends. So if you happen to be there in the month of June, you shouldn’t give Technoxian a miss. This event in Delhi provides a global opportunity to participate in different competitions related to innovation, robotics, automation and many other fascinating challenge-based engineering competitions.

So whether you are a connoisseur of technology, or a foodaholic or simply a fitness enthusiast, Delhi never fails to come up with new exhibitions and events to quench the thirst for fun and learning. For more details on the events in Delhi or any other city, visit Onspon.com and get the latest updates on the events and their sponsorships.

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