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Twitter aspires to be best source of truth on Internet: Elon Musk

Twitter-owner Elon Musk has said that the micro-blogging platform aspires to be the best source of truth on the Internet.

Musk tweeted on Saturday, “This platform aspires to be the best (or least bad) source of truth on the Internet.”

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk’s post.

While one user said, “Yeah, it’s a great, transparent system for publicly assessing post information accuracy and hopefully thwarting mass misinformation,” another posted, “Great ambition! Truth matters in the digital realm. Keep promoting transparency and credible information.”

Musk on Sunday said, “Sorry our pixels are so imperfect.” “Hopefully less so over time.”

Moreover, when a user posted, “I don’t love the highlights tab,” Musk replied: “Maybe we auto populate whatever people don’t highlight themselves.”

In response to another tweet, he said, “Advertisers have the right to place their ads where they would like.”

After Meta launched Threads on July 5 to compete with Twitter, Musk has been promoting the micro-blogging platform.

The Twitter-owner tweeted a few days back, “Whatever sins this platform may have, being boring is not one of them.”

“You will get more laughs from this app than everything else combined,” he had said.

He also posted, “You are free to be your true self here.”Meanwhile, Musk on Saturday requested Twitter users to become verified subscribers, saying that they can earn thousands of dollars per month in ad revenue sharing.

Without explaining how they can do this without registering 5 million impressions per month with having more than 10,000 followers — the two key conditions in order to make money via ad revenue sharing on Twitter — he asked them to join Twitter Blue paid subscription.

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