How to Celebrate Eid With Your Family?

Eid is one of the most important and the most celebrated festivals for Muslims. The festival is celebrated following the one month of Ramadan and fasting. Now, the thing is that we all want our Eid celebration to be special so that we and our family member enjoy it at the best. In the attempt to make your Eid memorable and enjoyable, we are sharing some helpful tips here.

  1. Plane in advance: Arrange a family meeting in well advance and decide on the celebration ideas. Assign a task to everyone including kids. Make sure that everyone is good with their task.
  2. Food Menu: Decide on food items and prepare a fixed menu beforehand. Include recipes from everyone’s choice but make sure that the food is not much that what you need
  3. Start with the cleaning and decoration: You can start with the cleaning part as it takes time to clean and decorate the complete home. Tell kids to clean their own room and manage their stuff. You also clean and manage your own things.
  4. Plan something special in the Menu: Your food menu must contain something special and unusual from what you commonly eat. Add some special dishes which are both delicious and healthy.
  5. Prepare gifts: Gifts are important during Eid celebration. Prepare gifts for all family members and also for friends if possible. Also, try buying some gifts for poor and orphan kids this Eid.
  6. Help kids: Take help of your kids in gift wrapping and crafting. Give them a project of crafting or design and let them make their own gifts. They can also make their own Eid Mubarak greeting cards
  7. New clothes: As a senior member of your family, it is your responsibility to get new clothes to everyone in the family. Also, you must consider donating your old clothes to poor kids.
  8. Create Memories: Pictures are the best way to preserve your memories. This Eid, get yourself a camera and click all possible pictures of your family members while preparing for Eid celebration.
  9. Help poor: After all, Eid is a festival of duas and blessing and you can get more by helping poor people. Help them with food and clothes.
  10. Meet your neighbors and friends and wish everyone for Eid al-Fitr

I too wish everyone to have a wonderful and blissful Eid celebration.

Author, Jack is a part-time writer and full time learner. He is here to share some of his learnings with the hope that readers will enjoy it. In this article, he is writing about Eid celebration with Family.. 

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