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Here we are going to provide for the convenience of the readers heart-warming Father’s day essays. Father’s day is celebrated around the world every year in order to recognise the contribution of a father in growth and development of his children’s life. While Father’s day was celebrated last year in 2016 on 21st of June, this year it will be celebrated on 18th of June which is Sunday and everyone can devote all their time in making their father feel special.

Your father is the indubitably the most important person in every family. He works diligently day and night just to keep his family happy and at par with the evolving society. He makes sure that none of the members feels dejected for lack of anything. Fathers take up all the responsibilities, be it the education of his children or every other monetary needs. He works every day in the quest of bettering everything and thus bettering the condition of the family. It’s important that he be rewarded for what he is and what he has been doing for the whole family. From the very childhood, everybody should be taught to respect their fathers, no matter what ways it can be done. Children for example show their gratitude to their father with enchanting father’s day essays.

Here are a list of Father’s day essays to delight your Father:
1. My Father, My Superhero

My father may be merely a man to the world but to me he is my superman my superhero!! He is the one special person for me in millions who has been there with me in all my thick and thin. He is the one who puts in every ounce of his energy in making me happy. It’s his disposal at which I had experienced all the periods of positive transitions in my life. Every day I get up in the morning I look at my dad and think of being a man like him. I don’t know but there’s something so special about him that makes me fall in love with his way of life.
Thank you Dad for being my father!!

2. Importance of Having a Father

A father is someone everyday who has a day full of profound reflection and that is with regard to his children and family. He is the most important member of the family whose love for his children is just like oxygen for the survival of the lives. There’s nothing that big that he could not do for his family and there’s no such sacrifice that he will not do. Every little thing he does makes him great!!

He has that unfathomable energy and the unconditional love in his heart that compels every child to keep following him in the hope of learning a new thing every time. The patience and perseverance he has to make everything possible in his children’s life is quite a thing that makes him a superhero in his children’s eyes. It’s sometimes perplexing to understand from where he draws such energy to make his children look at the positive aspect of every situation he may be in.

3. My Life with My Father

My father is my first love!! I love spending time with my father on my favourites like playing badminton, practicing music, sitting in the nearby park and the most important of all listening to what he teaches me every day before I go to sleep. Sometimes, it feels as if he is the angel which God has sent for protecting me through. I love him and my love keeps multiplying every day. I wish everyone could have the privilege of having a Father like the one I have and I wish them they experience the kind of bond that I share with my father.
I Love you Dadaa!! You are the best Dad in the whole world!!

4. Me and My Dad

It is my Dad who encourages me to be best in my class. He is the reason that makes me understand what’s wrong and what’s wrong and stops me from acquiring the bad and unethical ways of life. I play with my Dad whenever he has time, even at night we play indoor games while my Mother is asleep.

He is into an interesting job! He is an actor and I love the way he portrays every little life even with a meticulously comprehensible approach. He had portrayed many characters and I love watching all of them. I want to wish him all the very best for his future endeavours and I wish he keeps entertaining me and his audience!! Love You Dad!!

5. A Spirited Father’s Day

Father’s day is such an occasion which comes with a spirit of celebrating the presence of Father and his efforts in making up the life of the family. On this day, to honour and bring forth the efforts of father people gift to their father and other special things like arranging dinners or a vacation may be to a foreign country.

Father’s day first was celebrated in 1908, July 5, in West Virginia by Robert Webb at church names Central Methodist in Fairmont. In the preceding Year in 1909, while listening to the Mother’s day sermon, Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, decided to celebrate father’s Day. It was his father, Henry, who had brought him up after his Mothers died at a very young age. He wanted to pay off for what he has done for him and therefore he celebrated June 19 in 1910 as Father’s Day.

6. Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s day is all about celebrating and expressing the gratitude and love towards our Father. Over the years the bond that the child and Father share has became stronger and therefore it is evident that there has to be a celebration. There are various ways of celebrating Father’s day some of which are:

  • Pampering your dad by booking a spa package for him
  • Getting for him a personalised mug with the picture of the family printed on it.
  • Planning picnic on Father’s Day
  • Gift him a state-of-the-art gadget on Father’s day.

These are few Father’s Day Essays which children can use to show gratitude to their Fathers. Wish all the best to your fathers with love and reverence. He will be delighted to have a child like you in his life. That’s indeed your duty to make him feel that way!!
Happy Father’s Day!!

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