The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is oraganising an ‘Art of Living’ Three-day workshop for more than hundread senior officers. To build synergy, competency and positive outlook, through the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- Synergy Programme. Notably, Art of Living Foundation is an NGO run by Sri Sri Ravishankar.

The CBI, caught in an unprecedented clash between its top brass, has roped in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to motivate its staff and bring positivity in the agency. PTI.

In its press release, The objective of workshop is to improve positivity, enhance synergy and generate a healthy atmosphere in the CBI agency and motivate staff to achieve their full potentia. Over 150 officers, from the rank of Inspectors upto Incharge Director, CBI, will be attending the programme at CBI (HQ), New Delhi.

Over 150 CBI officials in HQ to attend Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ‘enhance positivity course’ for next three days!

Guides of the Art of Living run by Ravi Shankar will visit the CBI headquarters, where over 150 officers, from inspectors to the director (in-charge), will attend workshops “to improve positivity, enhance synergy and generate a healthy atmosphere in the agency”, a CBI spokesperson argued.

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Meanwhile, Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan wrote on Twitter that the day is not far when we will see tantriks, astrologers and snake charmers in CBI!

While Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana, levelling serious allegations of corruption against one another, following which the government sent both of them on leave based on the recommendations of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). Following that, K Nageshwar Rao was made interim Director of the agency.


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However, The Foundation and Sri Sri Ravishankar were embroiled in a controversy in 2016. Art Of Living’s World Cultural Festival was held on the Yamuna flood plains in the National Capital from March 11 to March 13, 2016 to celebrate 35 years of its service.

India Today has reported that, The agency has been in focus for past few weeks thanks to a high-profile, bitter and public feud between CBI Director Alok Verma and his deputy, Special Director Rakesh Asthana.

The government sent both of them on mandatory leave. Following the report, The SC has given the agency’s charge to Joint Director M Nageswara Rao and asked him to not take any “policy decision”.

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While the News laundry Team stating that, It’s no secret that things at India’s premier investigating agency haven’t exactly been great. With bitter infighting, tit-for-tat FIRs and probes, and the agency’s very own ‘snoopgate’, the agency has been in news for more than a month now.

And you know the proverbial shit has truly hit the fan when the agency decides to send about 150 of its officials to attend Double Sri’s Art of Living workshop “for enhancing positivity in CBI”. The course will apparently enhance synergy and generate a ‘healthy atmosphere in the agency’. A little too late for that, we’d say, but no harming in trying, News.

The event notification soon evoked guffaws and humorous comments on social as well as mainstream media, several attempts stating that now a temple, mosque and church should also be built inside the CBI headquartes and even that now the cases would be concluded by parrots and cards.

The event, however, seems that the PM Narendra Modi government is taking refuge in Ram temple matter to divert attention from the controversies of serious issues, and CBI is turning to ‘spirituality’ in the hope to generate  a positive environment. And so, just before the next hearing of the case in the SC, the Agency has organised an Art of Living workshop, through leading spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


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