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The Q Asked by me on Quora, yesterday.. #cultureVULTURE : For me, Vulture is a new term used by critical or so called hyper english media which associate with cluster of ‘left’ or #ARTIFICIALknowledge, this may harm our vibrant form of Democracy or it is very dangerous for the nation, honestly. This term is a curse for India. However, “CULTURE-VULTURE” is not like a चाय-वाए (chayy-wayy) its a word those who have deep level Propaganda to attacks on ongoing policy formulation and implementation process, in a ideological norms. The Top analysis of the same is “Someone who steals traits, language and/or fashion from another ethnic or social group in order to create their own identity.. Also, Due to relevancy of the term i personally talked to our respected pro. Shri prakash sir, Faculty of Social Science, DU with the same light, on April 05, this year.

Further, He said that its a new term for me in order to culture and also suggested some New insight with the same spotlights… While, Srikanth Throvagunta, ceo at MMTS Answered that, “Culture makes someone more amiable and amicable. It lets others interact and cooperate with him/her. A “vulture” is someone who feeds on culture without contributing to the system of cooperation”…

Trilok Singh

Written by Trilok Singh

Founder and CEO: Youth Darpan Media,, India's Journal and Seva A2z (Shopping). Masters in Political Science, Kirori Mal College, Faculty of Social Science (2015-17), University of Delhi, India.

Do not depend on what appears in our hyper critical English media and form opinions: Vice President

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