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Judicial activism refers to the interference of the judiciary in the legislative and executive fields. It mainly occurs due to the non-activity of the other organs of the government. From one angle it is said to be an act in excess of, or without, jurisdiction.

Prospect For The Future Generation?

Childhood is the most mouldable stage among all the developmental stages. Whatever children receive during their formative years manifests in the future. If children receive proper care, nourishment, and education during their early stages of life they grow up to be healthy, resourceful, and responsible

Cycling the Adverse Effect Of Internet Use

The young generation now uses electronic tools more than ever to communicate with their friend. Just because they are cyber equipped with technology does not necessarily mean that they can use it with equal maturity . While the internet provides potential advantages for educational institutions

Human Facial Expression

As per a new report facial expression not only reveals human expression but our intentions as well. The study states that facial expressions are a result of our intentions and not our feelings. The study was carried out at the Department of Psychology and Brain

Young India

A nation awakes with the awakening of its youth. Youth decides the upcoming future of its nation. India is a country of dreams. A place where dreams turned into reality with honest efforts. As a citizen of India, we are more inclined towards bringing the

Good NEWS for CBSE 10th Class Student Waiting for Result

CBSE boards exam has been ended for everyone in India as well as across other countries. It is known by us that approx. 16.88 lakh students register themselves and appear for the board exams. The board will re-conduct the Mathematics exam which was reported to

Expected Date of Class 10 and Class 12th NIOS Result 2018

NIOS Result 2018for class 10th and 12th is going to be released probably in the month of Mayor June2018. National Institute of Open Schooling has been conducted the secondary and senior secondary exams in the month of April 2018. A large number of students have

What is your religion doing, spreading love or killing humanity?

Is this all about our religion, which was created, explained, guided and nurtured by our Rasool-Paigumbers-Muhammad, Devi-Devtaas, Gurus-sache pashas, Prophets-messengers of God??? Are we really not responsible for what is happening today on the name of our religions?? Can the process of killing humans or

What To Look When Looking For A Work Injury Lawyers?

The Work Injury Lawyers Brisbane says that the law naturally expresses that employers are in charge of making the working environment as sheltered as sensibly feasible for labourers and guests. This may mean distinctive things in various working environments, contingent upon the sort of work

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