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Here we are going to provide for the convenience of the readers heart-warming Father’s day essays. Father’s day is celebrated around the world every year in order to recognise the contribution of a father in growth and development of his children’s life. While Father’s day

Raja Parba, a three-day festival in Odisha

Raja Parba: It is based on the belief that Mother Earth menstruates for those three days and she is given a ceremonial bath on the fourth day. For those three days, no agricultural activity like ploughing or sowing takes place as Mother Earth is expected

Why do Muslims pray on Friday?

The secret behind Friday Prayers Muslims pray daily and not only on Fridays. However, particularly on Fridays, they are called for a special gathering prayer at noon in the mosque, called Jumaa prayer. But why Friday? Frankly spceaking, I am not scholar enough to answer

How to Celebrate Eid With Your Family?

Eid is one of the most important and the most celebrated festivals for Muslims. The festival is celebrated following the one month of Ramadan and fasting. Now, the thing is that we all want our Eid celebration to be special so that we and our family

The idea behind incorporating yoga into Dance

Sonal Mansingh shares the idea behind incorporating yoga into dance, with Ranjeni A Singh. The dancers gathered onstage to offer prayers to Ganesha as the sonorous voice of the accompanying singer filled the auditorium. But instead of using classical dance mudras,they used yogasana postures to