How to Reuse Plastic

You can have your main kitchen bin outside your kitchen and use a spare plastic bag as your food prep bin. Even if your kitchen bin is kept far away, you can store your chopped carrots and peelings in the hanging plastic bags. You can never have enough plastic bags, so start saving anyone you encounter. The more plastic bags you have, the easier it would be to replace them with a new one.

You can have two plastic bags hanged at two different corners in the kitchen. One can serve as a recycling bag, and the other for storing general waste. This reuse technique does not require any unique skills, only that you need to nail something on the wall to help take the plastic bag off the ground completely.

Supply can

You can never have too much supply cans in the office buildings. You would need them as the number of staff in the office starts expanding. So, after gulping down that mountain dew, think of how you can turn it into a supply can. Cut the plastic bottle in half and use the down part as your supply can. Use it to store your office pen or other supplies.

If you want your office table to look more captivating, you can make use of different colors and sizes of plastic bottles. You can use supply cans anywhere. According to a paper editing expert, you can use it at home to impress your kids and show your family members how conservative you are.

Store snacks in coffee creamer containers

After emptying those coffee creamer containers, put them to good use. You can use them to store your snacks to keep them fresh. These containers can help to save your sugar, salt, and other similar items. There is no limit to the number of bottles you would need. Just endeavor to keep as many Coffee creamer containers you come across.

These containers make pouring out the content incredibly easy. And you can use them to transport any food you want. You also don’t need to spend the time to cut the plastic bottle. Just empty the coffee, wash properly and store the item.

Plastic indoor planter

Instead of discarding those 2-liter bottles, turn them into useful indoor planters. Even if you don’t have a particular plant in mind, feel them up with soil and throw in any kind of plant that can grow indoors. To make this indoor plastic planter, get a 2-liter bottle and cut in half. Paint with the exact colour of your home or choose any color you like. You can make a cat planter by drawing a cat face on the plastic bottle and cutting out ears that resemble a cat, as this would make the container to look more captivating.

Reuse detergent plastic bottles as watering cans

Detergents bottles can become great watering cans for your garden. But endeavor to wash appropriately to eliminate the smell and impact of the detergent on your plant. Instead of buying a new watering can turn your detergent plastic bottles into one.

Once you empty the detergent, wash the inside of the can thoroughly and punch few holes on the cap. You can use a nail of any size to make the hole, but it shouldn’t be too big.

Convert your lotion bottle to a phone charging dock

Cell phones need protection whether you are charging or moving with it. When you are in transit, phone casing can offer protection. But a charging dock is essential so the kids or other family members won’t mistakenly step on your phone.

Instead of spending money to acquire a new charging dock, you can turn your lotion bottle into one. All you need is a marker, box cutter and the bottle itself. And just how easy it is to buy dissertations , you can construct this recycled dock yourself.


You can convert your plastic materials and use them for different purposes. Be it plastic bottles or bags, you don’t need to throw them away. Even if you don’t have an urgent need or know what to use them for, you can store plastic bottles and bag for future use. Converting used plastic materials is also very simple.

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