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Government wants to strengthen Mahila varsity: Karnataka Minister

The Karnataka government does not have any intention of closing the Mahila University in Vijayapura but it wants to expand and strengthen it instead, C.N. Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education, clarified on Monday.

Responding to a media query at Vidhana Soudha, he said there is a need for extensive studies on topics related to women in the contemporary world.

“The government is committed to focusing on women-centric issues but a few are engaged in creating unnecessary rumours,” he added.

“Similarly, the government is firm in its decision to build a new campus for Sanskrit University. The university has been functioning for 13 years and now work for building a new campus has been initiated. Sanskrit is a worldwide accepted language and those are opposing it should go to Max Muller Bhavan to witness the ongoing works with regard to Samskrita,” the Minister sid.

He said that Sanskrit and Kannada have always been going together for ages.

“The government has exhibited utmost priority to the language of the land and made learning the Kannada language mandatory in degree classes. But this has been kept in abeyance as per the interim order of the High Court,” he said.

Kannada Varsity (Hampi) used to get an income of about Rs 4 crore from its’ publishing wing ‘Prasaranga’ and now this has taken a hit due to non-functioning in view of the Covid pandemic.

“Taking into account the financial status of the exchequer, this University will also be given grants, Narayan stated.

For guest lectures, over 60,000 candidates have applied and the next step of action will be taken within two days, he pointed out.

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