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Delhi polls: QR code on voters slips to facilitate electors

Technology will be an important component in the upcoming Delhi polls as voters” slips will carry QR code to facilitate electors and speed up their identification, officials said on Monday.

The CEO Office here had recently said that Delhi will be the first state/UT in which a booth app shall be used in every polling station for the first time in the country.

“This latest technological innovation will make the poll process fast through use of QR (Quick Response) Code reading of voter slips of electors,” a senior official said.

This provision will help in faster identification of electors.

The app will give the status of electors waiting in the queue to the public, who can plan their visit to polling station accordingly for their convenience. Booth app will also give voter turnout on a real-time basis on polling day, the official said.

Sources said, a proposal is also being considered to allow carrying mobile phones to booths to download QR code from the voters helpline app, if a voter forgets to bring the slip, adding, the phone after scanning the generated QR code would be deposited in a locker before casting of vote.

It is just a proposal as of now, a source said.

To make election accessible, there will be provision of Braille EPIC, Braille photo voter slip, ramp, wheel chair, volunteers, sign language and pick and drop” facilities etc., for voters with disability.

The facility is in addition to the other basic amenities at polling stations, officials said.

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