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Ticket Checking performance of Central Railway in August 2018

Central Railway registered ticket checking earnings of Rs. 11.28 crore for the period August 2018 in its intensive campaign against ticketless and irregular travel. In its endeavor to provide better services to bonafide rail users and also to curb the ticketless travel, Central Railway has regularly taken innovative steps. Senior Officers are closely monitoring the revenue loss due to ticketless travel and such other irregularities.

During the month of August 2018, Central Railway has earned Rs.11.28 crore as against Rs.8.99 Crore in August 2017, thereby showing an increase of 25.47%.  During the month August 20182.53 lakh case of ticketless/irregular travel including un-booked luggage were detected as against 2.08 lakh in August 2017 thereby showing an increase of 21.63%.

During the period April 2018 to August 2018 a total of 15.70 lakh cases of ticketless/irregular travel and un-booked luggage were detected as against 14.07 lakh cases in the corresponding period last year showing an increase of 11.57 %. The earnings realized from such ticketless/irregular travel registered Rs.80.35 crore the period April 2018 to August 201showing an increase of 11.38 % as compared to earnings of Rs.72.14 crore registered during the corresponding period last year.

During the month of August, 338 cases of transfer of reserved journey tickets were detected and Rs. 2.88 lakh recovered as penalty.

Central Railway appeals to the passengers to travel with proper and valid railway tickets in order to avoid inconvenience and travel with dignity.

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