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Mother Dairy hikes milk price by Rs 2 per litre, starting Tuesday

Mother Dairy has increased milk prices by Rs 2 per litre, effective from Tuesday. The reason behind the hike has been cited as an increase in cost.

Mother Dairy, which is a major supplier of milk in Delhi-NCR, has increased price for the 5th time this year, with prior hikes recorded in the months of March, August, October and November.

The price of a litre of full cream milk will now be Rs 66, while toned milk will be sold at Rs 53 per litre. The price of double toned milk has been increased from Rs 45 to Rs 47 per litre.

The company has not increased the prices of cow milk and other types of milk. According to the information, the increased prices will be applicable from December 27. The price of full cream and toned milk was earlier increased by Rs 2 per litre on November 21.

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