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Uttar Pradesh launches Caravan Tourism

The Uttar Pradesh’s Tourism Department, in partnership with Motohom, has launched Caravan Tourism in the state, signalling a significant move to enhance travel experiences focused on families.

The initiative aims to address accommodation challenges in regions where proper facilities are lacking.

Caravan Tourism is poised to bring a fresh perspective to tourism in Uttar Pradesh, catering specifically to family-oriented travel. The Motorhome Caravan accommodates six to eight people, offering sleeping arrangements for up to six individuals.

The vehicle is well-equipped with two washrooms and cooking facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Booking for the Caravan can be made through UP Tourism State Development Corporation Limited.

To mark the launch, a promotional offer allows full-day booking at approximately Rs 35,000. This covers travel up to 350 km, with an additional charge of Rs 150 per kilometre for distances beyond the initial limit.

Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh expressed hope that the new facility would significantly boost tourism in the state. Acknowledging Uttar Pradesh’s prominent position in domestic tourism, he emphasised the goal of achieving a similar status for foreign tourists.

The introduction of Caravan Tourism underscores the state’s commitment to providing diverse and enriching travel experiences, especially for families, marking a stride towards enhancing tourism in Uttar Pradesh.

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