Free Medical Facilities in Tribal Areas: Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP), now called as Scheduled Tribe Component (STC) at Central level and Tribal Sub-Scheme (TSS) at State level is dedicated source of fund for tribal development across the country.Major part of infrastructure development in tribal dominated areas and provision of basic amenities to tribal people in the country including provision of medical facilities is carried out through various schemes / programmes of concerned Central Ministries and the State Governments, while the Ministry of Tribal Affairs provides additive to these initiatives by way of plugging gaps. “Public Health & hospital” being a State subject, the primary responsibility of setting up of government hospitals in the tribal areas is that of respective State/ UT governments.

Ministry of Tribal Affairs through its schemes ‘Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Scheme (SCA to TSS)’, Grant-in-Aid to voluntary Organisations and Grants under Article 275(1) of the Constitution provides funds to the State Governments as an additive based on their proposal after approval of Project Appraisal Committee in the Ministry. Statement showing funds provided to the State Governments having Schedule-V areas by MoTA under the said schemes for provision of medical facilities including mobile medical unit / dispensaries is given below.

Besides, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, through the scheme ‘National Health Mission (NHM)’ wherein Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) funds have been earmarked, provides support to States for strengthening their healthcare system including for upgradation of existing and setting up new public health infrastructure based on requirements posed by the States/UTs in their Programme Implementation Plans. Total amount of TSP funds provided to the States during 2014-15 to 2018-19 is given below:

Year Funds Provided to States under NHM (Rs. in crore)
2014-15 1885.83
2015-16 2038.64
2016-17 106.12
2017-18 2402.78
2018-19 2032.00

Under NHM, tribal areas enjoy relaxed norms for setting up public health facilitiesincluding “time to care” norm for setting up sub health Centres in tribal areas within 30 minutes of walk from habitation and relaxed norm for Mobile Medical Units for tribal areas one MMU exceeds 30 patients per day against 60 patients per day in plain areas for bringing healthcare delivery to the doorsteps of the population.Details of medical facilities in the States having Schedule-V Areas including Rajasthan available through mobile units are at Annexure 2. 

Funds approved/released for provision of health services / medical facilities under Grants under Art.275 (1) of the Constitution& SCA to TSS during last three years in respect of the States having Schedule-V Areas (as on 31.12.2018).
(Rs. in lakh)
S N State 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
1 Andhra Pradesh 0.00 1016.76 233.00 1135.00
2 Chhattisgarh 240.00 507.00 300.00 0.00
3 Gujarat 52.00 0.00 986.70 0.00
4 Himachal Pradesh 0.00 461.00 978.40 570.90
5 Jharkhand 1400.00 925.00 50.00 6419.63
6 Madhya Pradesh 2721.02 5101.07 2037.35 3175.00
7 Maharashtra 0.00 2000.00 9262.40 3037.53
8 Odisha 114.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
9 Rajasthan 1309.59 2510.98 301.00 1943.00
10 Telangana 0.00 0.00 420.15 1200.00
Total 8153.33 18566.52 21603.63 23576.51

Funds Released Under The Scheme of ‘Grant-In-Aid To Voluntary Organisation Working For The Welfare Of Scheduled Tribes’ For Mobile Dispensary Project during 2015-16 To 2017-18in respect of the States having Schedule-V Areas.

(Rs. In lakh)

S.No. State 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1. Andhra Pradesh 12.77 19.17 18.62
2. Gujarat 0 45.25 31.23
3. Jharkhand 34.85 56.93 96.75
4. Madhya Pradesh 6.68 6.57 0.00
5. Odisha 23.41 29.23 29.19
Total 286.27 338.8 496.74

Annexure 2

Details of medical facilities in the States having Schedule-V Areas through mobile units under National Health Mission (NHM). 

Source: This information was given by Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Shri Jaswantsinh Bhabhor in a written reply in Lok Sabha on Jan 07, 2019.

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