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Kylie Minogue frustrated by idea that she’s ‘unlucky in love’

Singer Kylie Minogue wants fans to “move on” from the idea that she is “unlucky” in love.

The 55-year-old pop superstar has never tied the knot and called off her relationship with Paul Solomons in February after five years of dating and while she would like fans to forget about her love life, has acquiesced that there is a need for “gossip” amongst them.

“There’s a level of acceptance that that’s the way it is, and I think mostly it’s driven by, we all love a bit of gossip. It’s kind of like, what would’ve happened over the fence forever ago.” “But it would be great to move on from the ‘she’s lucky in love, she’s unlucky in love’, because it’s just not that simple,” she told Vogue Australia, reports

The ‘Spinning Around’ legend famously dated her ‘Neighbours’ co-star Jason Donovan in the 1980s – with whom she tied the knot on-screen in one of the soap’s most memorable moments – and she went on to speculate that the public’s supposed fascination with her love life stemmed from the life of her fictional counterpart.

She added, “I wonder if a lot of that started with the fact that I was Scott and Charlene or Kylie and Jason. It seems slightly disproportionate to me, where [public interest] is disproportionate to the other stuff that you do.”

After her relationship with Jason, Minogue dated late INXS rocker Michael Hutchence before dating Stephane Sednaoui, Olivier Martinez, James Gooding, and called off her engagement to Joshua Sasse in 2017.

She noted that her fans intentions are usually “well-meant” but insisted that she is “happy” being single right now. She said, “When it’s good, it’s well-meant, good intentions. But I’m happy where I am – I just will state that!”

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