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Khushaal Pawaar says he auditioned for 4 lead roles after ‘Constable Girpade’

Actor Khushaal Pawaar, who is well known for his role in the web-series ‘Constable Girpade’, opening up about his future projects, said that he has auditioned for the position of lead actor in over four separate features.

Khushaal said: “After ‘Constable Girpade’, I have given four more auditions and I am excited about being directed for shots. I’ve auditioned for four lead roles and several ensemble casts. Each day, I eagerly anticipate new opportunities and hope for the best.”

As the actor has always been his own director in the past, Khushaal added: “In the past two years, I solely directed myself. Now, having someone direct me for shots is a thrilling change. Being directed is an avenue for growth as an actor. I’m excited about my upcoming projects.”

A versatile content creator, ever since the success of ‘Constable Girpade’, Khushaal Pawaar elaborated on having someone direct his shots: “The directions of different directors allow me to learn from different perspectives and styles, which enhances my versatility as an actor.”

He didn’t add much about his projects, but ever since the success of his web-series and having been approached by different directors for new projects, Khushaal has expressed a great desire to learn in order to further hone his talents.

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