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Britney Spears drops new single ‘Mind Your Business’ featuring

Britney Spears’ is back in the world of music with the pop star as she has released her latest single ‘Mind Your Business’ in collaboration with rapper since their work in the 2012 platinum hit ‘Scream and Shout’.

Featuring great energy, hypnotising beats, swag, attitude and an edgy groove with a trippy sound palette, ‘Mind Your Business’  is elevated by its great production, sound design.

Then there is the rapping of who goes all gangster mode here, with an abrasive rap similar to gangsta style of the likes of Ice-T, though still different enough as it is heavily electronic.

The whole thing really reflects the chorus, “Mind your business b***”. Ultimately, the whole track packs in a gangsta style night club dance party vibe, which would be the perfect track for night clubs and rave dance parties. But the edginess and trippy electronic style with its booming bass will also resonate with all pop listeners.

Furthermore, the new track also features a tagline used heavily in ‘Scream & Shout’ which says: “You are now rockin’ with and Britney, b***.”

‘Scream & Shout’ already has raked in more than a billion views on YouTube and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and since ‘Mind Your Business’ is similar with its edgy and trippy attitude and vibe, it’s likely to become a big success and soon become a major chartbuster. had previously teased the track on his social media with Britney too promoting it garnering much excitement among fans, and the hype that was created by those teases were well met and done justice.

Dancing, rap beats, attitude the track has all of it. Plus it’s a bit of a therapy for Britney as ‘Mind Your Business’ is the second song to be released after her 13-year conservatorship was terminated. The conservatorship and the whole controversy around her family controlling her had grabbed headlines and led to the hashtag ‘Free Britney’ on social media.

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