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Guns’ N Roses release new track ‘Perhaps’, dishing out their old 1980’s energy

Hard rock legends Guns’ N Roses have released their latest track ‘Perhaps’ which has now become available on all streaming services.

‘GNR’ are once again going strong, and are dishing out heavy hard edged riffs with their 1980’s energy.

The track’s video, a slightly trimmed down version featured the band once again going as if it’s still 1987, losing none of the energy they had channeled in their all time classic ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

The video finds the band both performing and backstage at venues across the world, with all the original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagen showing their old age, but hitting heavy all the same.

A mid-tempo, piano-driven song, ‘Perhaps’ finds Axl Rose meditating on a failed relationship, singing at one point, “You pulled the gun that shot and crucified my saviour.”

Initially going with a piano, bass, drums and light guitars, the song quickly turns a new page and goes all out hard rock with a heavy metal touch. ‘Perhaps’ marks a return to the band’s roots since their reunion.

While the band had released their four track EP ‘Hard Skool’ in 2022, it consisted of deleted tracks from ‘Chinese Democracy’ having no original material.

As such, ‘Perhaps’ is the first original track the band has recorded since their 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy’, which was viewed as more of a solo project for Axl Rose as none of the other original members were present on the album.

‘Chinese Democracy’ had shifted from the band’s classic hard rock/heavy metal approach to a more industrial approach, featuring a bunch of synthesisers and electronic samples, which alienated many fans.

The band had earlier soundchecked ‘Perhaps’ ahead of the band’s concert in Israel, during their Tel Aviv gig on June 5 but ended up not performing it at the concert.

However, astute fans who stood outside the venue during soundcheck were quick to bust out their phones and record the rehearsal, with low-quality clips surfacing online immediately thereafter.

‘Perhaps’ has taken GNR fans by storm who have praised the band for returning to their roots, particularly Axl Rose who after having gone through some very bad vocals during the 2010’s is once again sounding like his old self.

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