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‘Guardian’ teaser is gleefully terrifying spectacle of thrills, violence, horror

The teaser of actress Hansika Motwani’s film ‘Guardian’ is a gleefully terrifying spectacle of thrills, violence, and supernatural horror.

The teaser doesn’t tell much of the story aside from the power of an evil spirit roaming the area in a small locality, waiting for a possession similar in style to ‘Conjuring’.

Hansika’s character is just your average run-of-the-mill girl leading a normal life, seen celebrating Holi, one day it seems that her character is kidnapped and possibly about to be assaulted. The spirit is a shadowy entity which has the form of a woman, and filled with malicious intent she possesses Hansika.

While it then inter-cuts to a spree of violent killings and horrors that people begin facing, a couple of priests were earlier seen doing a ritual, performing some kind of dark magic to seal off this evil.

The priests are narrating the genesis of this spirit and that all she wants is to kill, though for what reason it is unknown. The once beautiful looking Hansika soon turns twisted, her face has cracks, her clothes are slightly torn, and her pupils are now twisted and white in the typical horror movie style.

Rather than having many elements of jump scares, most of the time this evil spirit is simply killing people, using either her psychic powers where a woman’s head cracks against a window and her neck breaks on her own, or appearing inside someone’s bathroom at her own will.

The music in the teaser is very rustic though has a strong filmy vibe to it, making it both mainstream almost in a TV serial fashion, and it is fully self-aware.

Feeding off of evil desires, this spirit seems to want to sadistically murder each and every one of her host’s captors and nothing can stop her.

A spree of killings begins to take place soon and it is gleefully violent, fully unapologetic.

‘Guardian’ is directed by Sabari and Gurusaravanan.

Produced by Vijay Chandar, the film stars Hansika Motwani, Suresh Menon, Sriman, Mottai Rajendran, among others.

The film doesn’t have a current release date.

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