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Ex-‘Bigg Boss 17’ contestant Soniya Bansal: When housemates were told to decide, I knew I would be out

Actress Soniya Bansal, who was the first contestant to be evicted from the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 17, shared she knew how the housemates were against her, and called it a “mixed feeling of surprise and disappointment”.

Soniya said she was surprised when she was evicted so soon.

However, she says that when she saw that the housemates were deciding, she knew that they would take her name.

“When I heard about my eviction, I felt a mix of surprise and disappointment. At first, I did not know because I was playing very well. In fact, definitely when you play, you know how you are playing. So, I did not know that I would leave, so when it was left it was up to my housemates to make a decision, I had understood very well that I would not be there because everyone was against me,” she said.

Soniya shared: “So due to this, I understood very well. I had hoped to stay longer in the Bigg Boss house, so it was a bit disheartening to leave and I feel it was an unfair eviction as I was playing much better.”

Talking about her experience of the show, Soniya said: “My game has been very good, I have played a very good game, only a few people were visible among them, those people were sleeping, so I can’t say anything about them, I have played a lot.”

“Being part of ‘Bigg Boss’ was a fascinating experience. It was like a rollercoaster ride with many emotions. Living with other contestants in a confined space, and the constant camera surveillance made it both challenging and exciting,” she added.

Soniya said she was touched by the outpouring support and love from fans on social media.

“This support means a lot to me, and motivates me to continue pursuing my goals in the entertainment industry,” she added.

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