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Brian Cox reveals he entered ‘007: Road to a Million’ thinking it was actually a ‘James Bond’ movie

Veteran actor Brian Cox, who is well known for his roles in ‘Troy’, ‘X2’, ‘Red’, ‘Braveheart’, among others, has revealed that he entered the reality show ‘007: Road to a Million’, thinking it was actually a new James Bond movie.

Talking to Jimmy Fallon on the latest episode of his ‘The Tonight Show’, he told the late night talk show host: “I thought it was the new ‘James Bond’ film. So I said, ‘Oh, finally they’re getting me in a ‘James Bond movie’. I thought, ‘Yes, of course’.”

However, much to Cox’s own disappointment, he quickly learned that “there was no script and there was no James Bond movie,” as per ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

The ‘Succession’ star said: “For years, I thought, you know I would love to be in James Bond. It would be really interesting. And I thought this was my moment, but it wasn’t.”

To his own surprise, instead of being part of a new ‘007’ feature he ended up buying a game controller and orchestrated the series’ challenges in ‘007: Road to a Million’.

The competition series follows nine pairs of everyday people who head out on a global adventure through several Bond-inspired challenges, for a chance at winning a cash prize.

“It was fun,” Cox said once filming wrapped.

“You know, I love bossing people around, so that’s what I did.”

He also added that it was “touching to see” one of the pairs on the show find a “new relationship in their marriage because suddenly they were able to trust one another after so many years”.

As for the new developments on James Bond, the franchise’ producer Barbara Broccoli had earlier revealed that there is no one yet available to replace Daniel Craig.

Even more, they have no story or director yet to move the series forward, so it is a big road ahead for them.

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