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Considering an EPOS System?

An EPOS system is a fantastic option for retailers, both small and large, because running a business can be extremely difficult. Without an EPOS system, you would have to manage sales and inventory, review the areas that require a greater level of stock, keep track of payments and so on. Also, ancient PC-based till systems or cash registers will not take you forward and very soon, your business might turn into a cause of massive stress. Upgrading to an EPOS system means embracing automation and processing sales electronically, along with getting a real-time review of your stock levels, as well as, customer information.

Management of sales and inventory is key to the success of all types of retail business. Fortunately, EPOS technology has helped to revolutionise and ease the process. Keep reading to know how EPOS systems can be great for your business.

Enhanced customer experience

The digital age poses a huge challenge for retailers looking to boost customer experience whilst increasing profits. Utilising EPOS systems is a wonderful way to earn customer loyalty because of the following reasons:

● The system provides updated data that helps in meeting customer demand.

● Automation of inventory management ensures that stock is always available when customers call or place an order.

● The staff is able to serve the customers better as the EPOS system frees up their time that were previously spent on checking stock levels.

● The best EPOS solution can even be used to offer loyalty rewards to customers.

Complete automation of day-to-day business activities

Your business can benefit a lot from increased productivity. By deciding to integrate your EPOS system with your checkout systems, you will be able to improve the efficiency of your business. For instance, as soon as your customer checks out, the products will be rung up and deducted from the inventory. If you want, you can also link the EPOS system to several other systems in your business to save time and make the running of your retail store, cafe or restaurant simpler.

Control and assessment of inventory

The profitability of your business is directly proportionate to your ability to accurately manage inventory. An EPOS system has the capability of creating an inventory database, which will log every sale, delivery of products and levels of stock automatically. You will be receiving up-to-the-minute data regarding your stock levels leading to the prevention of overstocking, as well as, understocking.

Cash and price control leading to escalation of gross profit

EPOS systems eliminates the chance of under-ringing or incorrectly charging a product at checkout. The system makes sure that the product is sold at the right price and it is able to ensure that because the current selling price of each item is collected and stored within the system. Regular price update, accurate pricing, and cash and price control at the till leads to increasing gross margin.

Well-organised system of ordering and delivering

EPOS systems have the ability to offer up-to-date data on inventory and pave the way for a systematic and streamlined process of ordering and delivering. The system will run reports on stock levels, flag when the levels of stock is low, set an alert if you have reordered any item, list the current prices that you paid for product and so on. Equipped with information, you will be able to negotiate better with suppliers, control your inventory better and enable faster delivery of products to your customers.

A modern EPOS system will not only help you to take your business to the next level, but also ease the transition into the online world. So, start searching for a reliable and reputed EPOS system provider and upgrade your business. Make sure that before investing in a system, you know exactly what your business needs are.

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