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People question efficacy of Delhi govt’s night curfew decision

People in Delhi wondered whether the move to impose night curfew would be effective in checking the spread of the coronavirus cases, which are shooting up over the past few days.

They argued that there was a need for better implementation of guidelines and heftier fine against violators during the day instead of imposing a night curfew when “most of the population is already indoors”.

Some also supported the decision, saying people were likely to step out in the night with increasing temperatures.

The Kejriwal government on Tuesday imposed night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am with immediate effect till April 30 as the coronavirus cases continue to soar in Delhi, which recorded 5,100 new cases, the highest since November 27.

“For common people, there is no point of going out after 10. It was only certain people who were out partying,” Dhriti Singh, a private firm employee. “There are no markets after 10 and fewer places to visit. This move won”t help much.”

Singh suggested that imposing a heftier fine on those not following coronavirus guidelines might do the trick.

Another local, Adnan Saifi, said it was in the day when people usually meet each other and the focus should be on the “best practices” like social distancing, sanitisation and wearing mask.

“Night curfew won”t make much of the impact as it is the day time when there is a gathering,” Saifi said.

Social media users also voiced their opinions, mostly against the decision, some mocking and some questioning the motive.

“Night curfew is to corona virus, what green tea is to weight loss,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user, Vidhi Arora, said people should be asked to strictly work from home and public transport should be stopped as less people would go out then.

Software engineer Madhvi Sehra Pathak shared her concern about how people would be able to take late-night flights during the curfew.

“Instead of applying night curfew make people understand that corona is still there and they need to be cautious,” Pathak wrote in response to a tweet by the ruling Aam Aadmi Party.

The Delhi government has announced exemptions for various categories of people, including include those travelling to and from airports, railway stations and bus terminuses.

Questioning the efficacy of the night curfew, Sarthak Gulati suggested that closing shops earlier might help reduce crowds.

“First, the efficacy of night curfew in itself is questionable. Fine, early closing of shops, malls, restaurants at say 8 pm might reduce crowding, agreed. But what is this 10 pm-5 am night curfew. Next, states will say curfew from midnight – 2 am will stop increasing cases,” Gulati tweeted.

While supporting the decision, Delhi-based homemaker Neha Awasthi argued that the night curfew would restrict those who like to go for dinner or drives.

“It is good because people were more likely to step out late as the temperature is high during the day. There was a possibility that people would step out in groups for walk and maybe for late night drives and dinner, at least with this they will be forced to reach home by 10 pm,” Awasthi said.

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