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Daily Archives: October 8, 2018

Air Force Day Parade 2018

The Indian Air Force is celebrating its 86th Anniversary on 08 Oct 2018.  In the last eight decades, IAF has technologically evolved and grown in strength to thwart any threat to the nation.  It is committed to safeguard the Indian skies and has played a key

Planning a Quantitative Study

Quantitative studies are a method of inquiry that explains phenomena by collecting the numerical data that is analyzed mathematically based on statistical methods. It is a systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena through statistical, mathematical, or the computational techniques. The method of study entails the

Research Of Social Problem

The unit of analysis is a vital entity to any research project that shows the areas the researcher in analyzing in his or her study. It can be regarding groups, or individuals or the specific geographic unit (Trochim, 2006). In analyzing the research problem, my

Justice For Humanity

The definition of humanity varies from person to person. To make it simple, humanity is just being kind to fellow creatures. But it has become more complex these days. Have you ever met a person who has no problems at all in life, I bet